(Mark Weiss) #1

Does anyone have anything to say about this Ketone Breath Meter. The price looks good but does it work? Anyone try it ?



(Diane) #2

I bought this a few months ago. I don’t think it’s as accurate as blood ketone monitors. I can get quite varied readings if I do repeated measurements over 15 minutes or so. Not sure if this is similar or different than you might experience with the Ketonix since the Ketonix is WAY outside my budget.

The problem with consistency might be one of two things (or a combination of both). 1) It seems difficult to breath correctly to get consistent readings. 2) It comes with 10 mouth pieces. The brief user pamphlet says you should buy new mouth pieces after a specified number of uses per piece. I’m too cheap and am trying to figure out how to clean them that won’t leave a residue that might cause erroneous readings.

(Running from stupidity) #3

I’d buy a $10 breathalyser off eBay, TBH. More than happy with mine (there’s a massive thread on this forum about these, which I read a fair while before I joined up).


They’re alcohol breathalyzers re-branded for keto. The ones designed for acetone measure in ppm. It’ll still work but it’s not going to give you ketonix like results. Also, that company is shady as hell, check this out

REAL perfect keto x-tones

KetoHC’s ripoff (probably illegally)

Screams scam to me

(William Croft) #5

The KHC meter looks remarkably similar to this.


I asked them about that, and here is their reply:

Our device visually looks very similar if not identical to the one sold on Amazon. Quite likely it is produced on the same factory in China but sold to others under different name / with possibly different components inside.

Our M3 device is calibrated to detect acetone and uses different sensor than what was used in our previous M2 version. We cannot say what the device from Amazon uses, could be the same or could be another (older) sensor.

(Running from stupidity) #6

Basically, the cheaper the better, as the sensor can be as non-discriminatory as it wants. Also, the sensor degrades over time, so it’s better to be replacing a $10 unit than a $40 one.

(DW) #7

This product is not worth the money. It is cheap crap but priced to provide the illusion of semi-quality. I purchased one and it lasted just under a month before I started having problems. They sent me a new one without wanting the old one back (why would they want their crap back?). The second one lasted maybe three months before acting up. I wrote again and they offered to repair but all on my dime. I told them I would not waste my time.

Both my units would cycle through the countdown several times and never provide a reading. Other times it would give a reading without breathing in at all (I was testing accuracy). These unit did not get heavy use and may used every few days for reference only. The company will have all sorts of advice on how to get the unit to function properly but the bottom line is it is overpriced crap. If Amazon does have the same unit listed (as mentioned in the post above) it is very likely the same unit.

The chances that I would get two crappy versions of these is surely indicative of the quality.