Opening Up Results

(Peter) #142

Why would anyone but you care about your first-hand experiences? Most people are smart enough to look at aggregate data.

And I found this, as I know you’re fixated on deaths only.

(Ron) #144

I would guess if someone close to her heart were to die from Covid the attitude might have a different tone.

(Jane) #145

I’m not advocating any such thing. Just making observations.

(Jane) #146

Of course - it would be very personal then and I have great sympathy for anyone who loses a loved one - no matter the cause.

But I haven’t yet so it isn’t personal and I am observing the insanity with a detached attitude.


Where I am… the government finally made it mandatory to wear a mask in public places starting July 7th. I’m looking forward to going shopping for myself since I haven’t been out since the end of March. I see this as a huge step in the right direction.

All the states need to make it mandatory to wear a mask in public places.

(Jane) #148

My 86-yo Dad lives in Las Vegas and he is in a high-risk category for dying from it. He should never leave the house until COVID is gone since his younger girlfriend can do all the grocery shopping.

But he has started meeting with the men’s breakfast group from his church once a week and I am glad. He has lived a long, productive life and only has a few years left. That meeting is his only socialization now and he badly needs it. For him, it is worth the risk. I respect his choice.


@Janie What’s his blood type?

(Jane) #150

O positive

(Jane) #151

Both of my sons are A negative. Does that put them at a higher risk? They are young, healthy and never get sick.

(Jane) #152

I can’t imagine being shut in that long!!! You are one tough dude. I know the virus made you very ill for a long time - how are you? Better and on the mend, I hope.

Do you have an N95 mask? I’m a bit suspect that cloth face coverings offer more than minimal protection - but better than nothing.

(Ron) #153

And when she catches it (due to neglectful people) and unknowingly infects your dad and he dies???
And for the record, cloth masks are not to protect the one wearing it, it is to help reduce the chance the wearer will infect someone else. Maybe you should do a little more research.


I doubt it. No antigens on red blood cells and most likely on their cells either. It’s not possible for this virus to destroy their red blood cells and I doubt they have part of the cell machinery required for cell entry. I’m going to look into this further tomorrow because I am curious.

I remember this comment…

Jessa Elizabeth • 3 months ago
Yes but out of all those test how many tested positive with a RH -. I ask bc my bf has it, A+, I have A- and did not get it, living in the same house. My daughter is O- and did not get it either. My dad has it, A+, and my friends husband has it A+ both infected but the wife is A- like me and didn’t catch it. Just curious on if that plays a part?

I’m not a life force being. So I don’t have that gut feeling energizer bunny energy to do all the time. I’m more like a lighthouse type of person. I can stay still indefinitely without going crazy but I’ve been out on walks and occasional bike ride.

I’m doing much better but still recovering. I’ve had tachycardia scares here and there due to eating certain foods as my heart is remodeling itself back to normal but adding a magnesium supplement has made a huge difference. I think I was deficient when I was sick even though my blood levels were in range.

I have an N95, a 3M half piece reusable respirator and some cheaper surgical masks but I’m thinking of buying a full face 3M reusable respirator. I’ll definitely get weird looks at the supermarket.

(Peter) #155

Why not answer the question? You’ve held forth on this at considerable length (while consistently refusing to follow the news about it, it seems, from your basic questions about it across the threads), but “it’s only old people who have gone to aged care homes to die” has been about the closest you’ve got to saying what should happen.

Again, what’s your solution? Anyone can say they’re “observing the insanity with a detached attitude” but that’s of less than no help.

(Jane) #156

Then he will die knowing his daughter loves him and thinks he is a great Dad. A moot point since he insists on driving them to the grocery. His chances of dying in a car crash hit by a drunk in Vegas and his reflexes too slow to avoid are probably much greater than dying from the virus.

As for cloth masks… you are saying it will prevent the microscopic virus particles from exiting with the force of a sneeze but doesn’t protect the wearer from them entering with normal breathing? Ok.

(Jane) #157

LOL on the looks. Yeah, I was fit tested for a respirator when I worked at a chemical plant full time. You will look like someone in a nuclear facility with a radiation leak… sans the paper suit.

(Ron) #159

Here let me help you out since you seem incapable-

Humanity should suggest differently and one has a responsibility to do everything they can do to protect their neighbors from harm that could come to them. Even if it is a slight inconvenience to a person. I fail to understand and respect those that choose not to do so and selfishly prioritize there own desires. Sad indeed!

(Jane) #160

So you really believe I am being selfish by going to a restaurant that is open for business? WOW.

We wear our masks in as required and the tables are more than 6 feet apart (as required) and we are harming WHO EXACTLY???

(Jane) #161

And I guess we are being selfish by accepting the hospitality of my neighbor and decline his invitation for dinner, wine and card-playing even though the other 4 couples will be there???

Shaking my head in disbelief. We are all adults and understand the risk. Nobody is forcing anyone to attend.

(Ron) #162

@Janie, you say-
“we have dinner parties with our neighbors (tonight - only 10 people - no masks) and we plan to attend a fireworks display tomorrow night.”

This suggests that you do not wear masks and are proud about it enough to advertise it on a public forum.

(Jeff S) #165

Feel free to miss the point if that makes you feel better. By virtually any measure we’re doing worse than the rest of the world due to gross incompetence and spectacular ineptitude.