On keto long time, blood levels usually 0.4-0.8


anybody else? at first I though I eat some ‘forbidden’ stuff like nuts, or keto ‘treats’, but then I went on a pure carnivore/IM - at best, when on IM, my levels went up to 1.2 after a 16h fast before a meal.
0.7 is roughly what I usually get.
that said when doing IM/carnivore, my weight was dropping significantly faster

(Vic) #2

If yourr Carnivore, why bother with the BHB in your blood.

You are running on fat, not carbs. You couldn’t be, you eat zero carbs.

Seems like many of us have low levels after long time keto. Its super adaptation, we’re just very efficient with ketones

Jm2c :wink:


Your levels make zero difference in anyway that matters, stop worrying about it.

No such thing as “forbidden”. You’re not a vegan and this isn’t a religion.

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Those numbers look good for someone who is well adapted and using their ketones. Keep calm and Keto On! Well done

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This is what happened to me over time:

What I don’t show is a bunch of 0.2 and 0.3 morning BHB values in 2020 or so.

I took mine the other day (didn’t realize I had two strips remaining), got 0.1 mmol/l.

I still use the ketonix, but most values are even lower:

I’ve reached the conclusion that the only thing the ketonix measures for me is the amount of fat I ate yesterday. If I eat a lot of fat one day, the next day I’ll get a higher ketonix reading. Otherwise, my readings are low.

Started low carb/keto on 1/1/14.

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Can you quantify this a little? How much fat is a lot. I like to replicate that? When I’m back home in a few weeks.