On and off keto

(Pri) #1

I have been on and off keto since last two months and keep loosing and gaining those 5 pounds between 135-140 pounds. My goal weight is 120. I am not able to stick to diet more than 4 days. Anyone know what does going on and off keto does to body. I have successfully lost lot of weight on keto(75ish). I just not able to stick to keto. Please advise also if any one knows effects of this yo yo diet I am doing lately. Thanks :pray: in advance!!

(Marius the butter craving dude) #2

Even if you are not in ketosis, as long as you do not have any serious metabolic issue for witch you do keto, than if you are low carb or more protein than the keto macro; you are fine. Just don’t eat sugar and stay as carb free as you can
This trend is something that I also experienced, was at the last 10 kg and lost them slow and with 2 to 3 kg fluctuations up and down, and once I got a 5 kg difference in a few days. Best thing I did was egg diet. Eat eggs in the morning and try them raw, do some moderate sport and be calm. Don’t rush the last kg/pounds, try to think of them as an opportunity to practice equilibrium and to search for a maintenance diet/way of life. For me the yo yo is not as big as before; With the egg diet I did one week without weigh in and I had the same starting weight after one week.

(Susan) #3

If I was you I would do a 24 hour fast and see if that helps you, then just stick to Keto only foods and eat twice a day lunch and supper, in a 18 hours not eating, 6 hours eating pattern (called IF) and that way your body should get on track. NO sugar, and keep carbs at 20 grams or less, eat enough proteins, and healthy fats, and don’t go on and off Keto, that is what is messing you up.


I just cannot eat eggs in the morning.Only sometimes, but I have to be proper hungry after excercise. I always have this craving for savoury foods, eggs, non sweet last thing in the evening. But when the new day comes I have to have a bit of honey, bread, jam. I refuse everything else. This is not the way to do keto diet. But my stomach turned this morning for example when I cooked an egg, then I just left it.

(Ilana Rose) #5

Just don’t have breakfast then. You don’t need it. Your body is just having a carb craving which is why it’s turning its nose up at an egg. If you feed it bread, jam and honey you are just giving in to the tantrum your addicted brain is throwing. There is nothing healthy in any if that, so why eat it at all otherwise, right?


But I have to eat something, I get weak otherwise. I dont mean breakfast always as I wake up, I meant my first meal of the day. I have breakfast sometimes at 12 am. Its just part of my usually 2 meals a day and I am not that hungry later in the afternoon if I eat something earlier. Jam I admit is not good if its full of sugar but honey does good to me and I dont have large amounts of it. Its more of a thing of a palate, my tastebuds do not like eggs or savoury. It may be in the genes.

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #7

You might find the following article to be useful. It is written in the context of thyroid issues, but it contains some general information about the effect of carbohydrate on the metabolism that is useful in any context:

“What sense does it make to be constantly coaxing the body to keto-adapt and then jerking it back to deal with the disposal of high carbohydrate loads? Given that blood beta-hydroxybutyrate levels characteristic of nutritional ketosis reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, why would you want to shut down this beneficial effect even part of the time?” —Stephen R. Phinney, M.D., Ph.D.

(traci simpson) #8

You’re addicted to sugar. No if ands or buts about it. You have to ask yourself what’s important. If having honey and jam and bread (SUGAR) is more important than being healthy, then go for it. No judgments here. However, if you want to loose that last few pounds and get healthy and keep those pounds off, you have to give up the sugar.

(Ken) #9

Sound guidance for Noobz, those with derangement, and even folks who are sedentary. Where it breaks down is in the long term, with the longest study being only two years. Metabolic issues can easily take that long to manifest, and can occur in less time for those living active and athletic lifestyles. In those, it can actually prevent people from self experimentation when problems become obvious. When it gets to that point it becomes Dogma.

(Art ) #10

I disagree with “takes a long time” - IMHO and experience the body responds beautifully to Keto when you follow the rules like a drill sergeant is on your ass.

15 years + as type II - Keto reversed that in less than 2 weeks.

Lipid profile - with a little crutch from a statin - my primary says he’s never seen such a reversal in this short of time.

General feeling and activity level - easily up 300% since going Keto.

Lastly and FFS the words are “lose” and “losing”.

Remember it this way - do you want to be a woman losing weight or a loose woman ? :crazy_face:

(Scott) #11

If eggs don’t do it for you have some bacon or a steak. Eat a handful of nuts or some cheese. Lots of fun foods out there besides pop-tarts LOL

(Scott) #12

If you keep going on and off plan this is your life. I don’t think it causes any real damage but the question is “does this work for you?” My wife is at a weight that she likes and is okay with eating some carbs. If she gains a weight she tends to get a bit stricker. Me I stay 100% keto other then my craft beer at times. I was allowing one beer a day but decided that it was holding me back so I stopped doing this during the week. It is really about your goals, health and what feels right for you. We won’t kick you out of the Keto Club.

(Pri) #13

Thanks for not kicking me out. I was very strict like very strict and lost most of my weight with in 3-4 months. Now I am just not able to get that strict. Before sugar and bread and carbs we’re poisonous to me. Now I can binge on them in any emotional weak moment. Hope I can get stricter disciplined me back again.

(Susan) #14

The best way to purge your body of them is to throw them all out of the house if you can; if you live with others or they are not Keto this is very hard but if you can. The other way to get back on track is to do a Fast of maybe 36 hours or longer, just to get it out of your system then start again. Do two meals a day say noon and supper, and stay within 20 grams of carbs, NO sugar, protein, healthy fats, a bit of dark green vegetables and lots of water and adequate electrolytes.

(Chris Wolfgram) #15

‘Lose’ guys… Keep ‘losing’ :wink:

All I can add is, it gets way easier once you get past the hump. Trust me. I was seriously addicted to carbs for most of my life. Now, 2 months in, I don’t even think about it.

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #16

I’d really love to insert a joke here about how you’re all a bunch of “losers.” . . . :rofl:

Ah well, getting back to the topic, @Pasta1, a psychological manoeuvre (I keep wanting to call it a trick, but it’s not a trick) that helps me is to not swear off carbohydrate forever. That would just send me out to the nearest pizza parlour or doughnut shop. Instead, I promise myself all the glazed doughnuts I can eat—tomorrow. But not today. It usually works. There’s a line in the A.A. literature to the effect that, “Even the worst alcoholic in the world can go twenty-four hours without a drink,” which I have updated to apply to my sugar/carb addiction.

I don’t claim to do it perfectly, but this manoeuvre really helps. It also helps that I don’t have to go hungry while eating keto, which does blunt the sugar/carb cravings to some extent. Furthermore, I have been eating this way for long enough that sweet stuff doesn’t taste as good. I am also finding, now, that however heavenly it smells, yeast bread’s taste doesn’t live up to expectations anymore. All of that helps. And the occasions on which I yield to cravings remind me—forcibly—of just how much better I feel on keto.

(Susan) #17

Well… we are, but in the awesome way -=).

(Pri) #18

I have two little kids and have some kids goodies always in house. Other day I ate half pack of my daughter’s oreos. I know :roll_eyes:

(Susan) #19

I live with my hubby (who eats anything and everything, like you would not believe!) 3 of my kids, and my 3 year old grand daughter, so have lots of Carbage in the house too. Once you stop all sugar, your body will adjust, you just have to be strict with yourself and not have it, then in time, the cravings will go away =).

Good luck =).

(Daisy) #20

Everyone has seemed to answer most of your questions. I’m just going to chime in with one thought. I went on and off keto for about 6 months. Lost 15 lbs, gained 10 lbs, lost 15 lbs, gained 20 lbs.
Now, I’ve been pretty strict keto for 7 months, even carnivore for awhile, and keep losing and gaining the same 5 lbs. Mind you, still up 20 lbs! It’s really hard for me to lose any weight now and I’m t my highest weight. I don’t recommend going on and off.