Officially a divided family (Covid-19 vaccine related)


I am Pfizer, she is Moderna.


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Not vaccinated yet, either one of us. I suspect my wife will be vaccinated before I will, as she works in a school. But my mother (75, with cancer and heart disease) still hasn’t had her first shot. On the other hand, my wife’s brother, who volunteers for the fire department, got both his shots already. He said he felt bad for a day after the second shot.


Husband is in a higher priority group and is due for his shot in April or May. I’m apparently due to get mine sometime between July and September. I expect we’ll both be getting the AstraZeneca.

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That’s the one where they screwed up the dosing and it’s difficult to figure out the data.

They were supposed to give full doses twice, but instead gave 1/2 dose then a full dose to some people, and a full dose, 2-shot-regimen to others. AND the odd thing was the 1/2 followed by full showed better efficacy. No one can figure out why.

The This Week in Virology people discussed this:

Nonetheless, they think the efficacy is still high.


Healthcare workers already had their shots, now older people gets them.
We have Pfizer, Moderna and Sputnik at the moment, my SO says (he is more knowledgeable about it, I used to read all day about Covid around the beginning but no more, I just watch the numbers now. he consumed everything about old pandemics, virology and of course, the Covid vaccines…).
He lost his spleen in an accident in the end of November so he signed for the vaccine as soon as he could. I am not particularly interested at this point but as I am healthy and intact, I have even less chances than him in the near future. And that’s right, the more vulnerable people should get the shot(s). I rarely even go anywhere close to people.
We will see what the future will bring. There aren’t enough vaccines yet right now, some of them are late.


It turns out that it wasn’t so much the dosing that improved efficacy but the timing of it. Seems if you wait three months between two doses you get markedly better coverage than from a shorter gap.

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My husband and I are not in any hurry also. Both at healthy weights, no diseases, we don’t take any prescription drugs, etc. Better to let those in more need get the vaccine first.

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We are both still waiting… drifting aimlessly about the house, talking to our dog. Not that covid has anything to do with it.


AstraZeneca arrived too. What a variety here… And maybe we will get a 5th different one soon, who knows?

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Wish I could give mine to her.
I dont want it or need it. I accept it to protect others.(not that I have a choice)


no vaccine for the 3 of us in the family.
I am one of those ‘almost no vaccines’ required in life people but yea I got my kid the polio and others when a kid, but I am not one to ‘just take a shot’ when the ■■■■ hits the fan types that is ‘made on the hurry’. Just so on the fence on it all. So for me it is a longer journey. Heck my mom is 92 and hasn’t had one and doesn’t want one but again, everyone PLEASE respect personal choice and decisions we all make.
Who knows with mutations and more they are saying the shots are useless against the ‘next step’ so?? Just waiting thru it all but I am also a ‘very rural’ non-populated area. I am boonies type living so that does come into play for us. Taking all precautions as needed…so…again, just waiting to see what goes down into the future at this point.
This is just a personal post of our lives as it is going down for us here :slight_smile:

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My family and I will not be taking the vaccine at this time or in the near future. Our adult children have also decided to not get the vaccine at this time. We all take precautions, hand washing, mask wearing, we do not attend any gatherings at this time either.

Maybe in the future we will consider but for now none for us.

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We are the reverse, DH got Moderna, I got Pfizer. We are awaiting round 2, scheduled for later this month.


I have a friend’s wife who works for a drug company and was involved with the trials of several vaccines, including the pfizer one. (I don’t know if she was involved with moderna. I don’t think so.) She’s not touching any covid vaccine with a ten foot pole.


anyone see this?

just curious cause this isn’t 'an old normal ‘vaccine’ at all—this is a genetic type modifier for your body ‘called vaccine’

just read up a bit with this article…just throwing it out there.

the good and the BAD of it…plus long term effects?

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Yep, iv’e known about this technologie for a few years, its interesting. The technologie is about 20 years old, never approved to use on humans before, its a new thing.

For now this global experiment seems to have positief results.

Biology, psychology, human behaviour are very complex. I can’t solve this Covid19 equation, but I’m trying.

The most deadly term for now is Irrational fear in the global population, this kills an order of magnitude more people than covid19 viruses.

Lets hope hope this mRNA vaccine experiment cures us from irrational behavier. Even if this vaccine kills a few million globally in the longer run, the outcome will still be very positief.

By taking this vaccine, I hope to cure a politition and save a hungry child in India.

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