Ode to collagen

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You can always make it and freeze in individual containers. Then just take out one of the containers for lunch if you go to the office for work.

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More collagen magic! (It took 8 months for me to begin to see the changes.) And I forgot 2 important ones.
First, for years (and years!) I had a nickel sized age spot right in the middle of my right cheek. Wen I was younger I tried to cover it with makeup. Finally just got over it. Nobody cares. I realized a couple months ago that it is gone. Simply disappeared.

2nd, my ugly toenails. For many years they were yellow, thick, old people toenails. I NEVER wore sandles. No one wants to see that. Well, now they are better than ever. Dare I say they are normal? Hah! Who knew!? Next summer I may buy some sandles!

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Your positivity is wonderful robin! Do you have smooth elbows too?


I’ve been taking Collagen Peptides since July 13, 2020. This was after @Janie mentioned getting her Dad to take it, for reasons she posted. I too have always gotten a lot of Sun exposure to my arms, and over the past 8-10? Years, I’ve noticed my arms marking up easily. I also get really dry skin, especially during the hunting season with all the washing and scent sprays I use. So I was hoping it would help with this. Can’t say for sure how much it has, but I do 1 scoop each morning by just warming a cup of Tea. But I don’t use it whilst Fasting. But that’s usually just a few days, so it’s not too bad. … They say it can be added to warm liquids or foods, since it’s tasteless. But I’ve only done the morning Tea, since its easiest for me and I generally won’t forget to take it when done before heading to work.

This is the one I’ve been using since starting…

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Whoa! I had not checked. But yes. Yes I do! How about that?

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Same one I use.

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Does everyone just take one “scoop”, whatever that happens to be in grams? Or do you take more?


I do just one scoop daily as it states, but don’t recall what the scooper size is. It’s not tiny.

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I don’t do scoops.

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I take two. I looked it up once, but can’t remember what the correct amount was.

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Avalon dairy whipping cream is my favorite. I was just talking about it with my class today. Funny timing to come across this post.

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This was my first year wearing sandals out in public consistently. It is nice to feel comfortable with my feet appearance and not worry about my nails breaking. The only downside, I broke a pair of nail clippers on my shiny strong nails.


I didn’t know anything about it when I first purchased it, so just went by the directions and used the one scoop a day suggested amount. … Just looked and the provided scoop, says 2A on the handle, with the name MeasureX and 29.6 CC cast into the bottom if that helps any? Says 11g per serving though.

But I will also be changing the administering times to dinner time, to go with Dinner/meal. Never did really like taking it in the morning, but it was easiest since I never know when I’m going to eat or not.

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I use a food scale and weigh out 10g of collagen. Which is allegedly 2 heaping tablespoons.

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Shiny strong nails! LOL

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Most of the shine on my nails is from a thin coating of meat oil and grease :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve just been doing scoops, but of course the scoops are different per manufacturer.