October 2023 IF/EF Fasting Chat Thread - All Welcome

(Chuck) #21

I still have belly fat I am hoping to burn off. And it is slowly disappearing.


Own eyes, well that is way more reliable. Congrats to getting leaner, it is fine doing it slowly, you are very close!
My SO gave up on slimming down completely. It would take too much effort, hunger and it’s little. Once he slimmed down quite much and just couldn’t keep the result, that required eating too little. He has more muscles now though and that helps :wink: Activity too. He is lean and everything, 176 cm and 69 kg with really muscular legs but he has his fat deposits in the middle. Oh well :slight_smile:

I am still 163cm and 75kg as always since years. But maybe it will change a bit soon.

(Bob M) #23

Finally got in a 36 hour fast. Went jogging this morning (about 32 hours or so). 97 morning blood sugar, 112 after the jog.

To be able to fast, I have had to go to a dog training from 7-8pm, then pick up my daughter at 8:15pm, have her drive me and dog home (she’s learning to drive), then get home at 8:30pm. That leaves me with almost no time to attempt to eat.

I slept well, from 9:30pm to 4:30am. Got up early, but I didn’t do my normal trip to the bathroom at night.

Have dog training for 5 more weeks, so hope to get 36 hour fasts in those days.

(Geoffrey) #24

I’m thinking about doing a 48 hour fast just to see how I feel.
I’ve been keeping track of my intermittent fasting and it been averaging 19 hours. I when 24 hours a couple of days ago and it was no problem so just for kicks I’ll give 48 hours a shot.
Maybe I’ll start late tomorrow as our neighbors just invited us over for raw oysters Saturday so that’ll be a feast.

(KM) #25

My experience, day 2 is the hardest. If you can get through that you can probably do 5 days if you’re so inclined.

(Doug) #26

Very much agreed.

(Bob M) #27

Agreement #3. The second day seems to be the hardest, then usually it gets better. At some point, sometimes, you suddenly feel great.

Well, I tried to fast 36 hours but broke at about 24. Couldn’t make it. I think I’ve been working on home projects too much. I spent Friday evening getting things ready to take to the dump, then taking them Saturday morning, and working on home projects both Saturday and Sunday all freaking day. I was so exhausted that I got up Monday to do my normal workout…and I couldn’t physically do it. I think I was still tired as of Tuesday, because I was hungry all day.

I’ll try again next week.

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