Occasional oaty treat?

(Nicola Blair) #1

Been keto for around 3 yrs now, and am contemplating a treat of oatmeal and onion stuffing (one of my pre keto favs) . Having watched a few podcasts on fuel switching, I’m curious to see how my body copes. Has anyone tried this, and if so did your body cope well?

(Joey) #2

Haven’t tried it. Sounds like a genuine hankering. Please share your experience. :vulcan_salute:

(Nicola Blair) #3

Yes I’d say it’s a hankering, but l’m having a trial run tonight to see what happens.

(Robin) #4

Nope nope and nope. That would be like running into the dark cellar when I think a killer is in my house. Scary! I don’t trust myself enough to venture off course. I don’t ever want to white-knuckle cravings again. Just like other addictions I conquered. But lots of folks take breaks and get right back on track and even benefit. I’ll be anxious to hear how you do.


Just oatmeal, nothing bad’s going to happen. You’ll eat some carbs, you’ll burn some carbs. You’ll go back into ketosis. Now if it were Pie or Cupcakes I’d say tread lightly since those could start a craving issue, but unlikely Oatmeal is going to do that. Typically the starchy carbs don’t do that, the sugary ones usually do.

To be fair, I do CKD/TKD so I don’t fall in line with many here and I’m literally eating my Oatmeal Chocolate Chip protein bowl as we speak (in the gym in 2hrs), nothings falling off :grin:

(Take time to smell the bacon) #6

Too bad you alerted us to your intentions! You can expect a visit from the Keto Police to come place you in protective custody. :rofl:

Seriously, do what you wish. Personally, I find that if I eat too much carbohydrate, my arthritis and certain skin conditions begin to make a return, even if I ate less than my tolerance threshold and I remain in ketosis. It’s a good incentive not to yield to cravings.

Also, for me to tell myself that a carb treat would be safe to have would be like a sober alcoholic reasoning that just one martini would be fine, and free of consequences.

(UsedToBeT2D) #7

I am approaching my three year anniversary with Keto. My daughter is visiting and bought a big bag of chocolate covered popcorn. Against my better judgment, I indulged in 2 cups of it. The next day, my stomach was in turmoil. The next day it all came shooting out. An occasional slip won’t kill you or necessarily derail you, but beware of possible consequences.


How your body copes is one aspect of this; how your mind copes is another. Sometimes when I have particular sorts of carbs, it kind of opens a mental ‘gateway’ for me into all-or-nothing thinking (oh well I’ve had some now, may as well binge all week…!) But this is really only sweet foods for me, and possibly pasta too. Oatmeal wouldn’t do it for me. Do you think it would be a kind of ‘trigger’ food for you? If not, sounds like an interesting experiment. Keep us posted!

(Robin) #9

Speaking my language here

(Robin) #10

Those consequences are a gift! make resistance easier next time.

(Joey) #11

@Nicc Well, at this point you’ve received a range of null hypotheses. Now it’s time to do the experiment and share your results. Godspeed!

(Nicola Blair) #12

In terms of trigger, carb had previously been a forced vehicle for favourite foods such as sandwich fillings, gravy, sauces, condiments, soups, butter etc. That then became entrenched as the right way to eat. Its the flavour combination of Skirlie and gravy that I craved. Skirlie contains onion, suet and seasonings as well as the oatmeal, so again a carb serving as a carrier for a flavour. I find skirlie too dry to consume without a sauce of some sort. So am I really craving carb or is it the flavour that it serves as a carrier for ?. Sugar is a whole different ball game. That is a door I don’t think I can ever open again.

(Nicola Blair) #13

My husband is also keto and joined me in this little trial. Metabolically he’s quite different from me, so the comparison between the 2 of us will be interesting to see.

(Joey) #14

In my experience, rice, bread, potatoes, etc., were merely carriers for what turned out to be the real food (on top) that offered the meaningful flavor and nutrition. Took me a while to realize I didn’t really want the carrier - I could enjoy more of the true flavor and benefits of what was on it.

It’s not unlike the packing material that comes along in the shipping box when your stuff arrives. Not really what you needed - and actually, once you begin enjoying what you really intended, the rest is just crap to get rid of.

Excellent… now n=2!
Eager to hear your results.