O M Geee Allulose

(Jennifer M Worth) #1

"I will never, ever EVER bake anything with allulose ever again":point_left: mantra for the next several days so I don’t forget what an absolute nightmare it is on the old colon. Don’t get me wrong the cheesecake was great and a nice treat for the Holiday weekend. But dudes: a grenade in the sigmoid. NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN PEOPLE.

(Bob M) #2

What’s left? If not allulose or erythritol? Monk fruit? Splenda?

Sometimes I just give up and have sugar. Cheesecake for instance, a small slice can be 20-30 grams, not bad really. Of course, if you eat 1/2 a cheesecake, there’s an issue or eat a piece every day, there’s an issue. But if you can make a cheesecake, freeze it into slices, and eat one a week, probably not an issue.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #3

Funny, I’ve never had a sweet tooth though I do enjoy dark chocolate.
My recipe is highly prized in my family!

Melt 90% dark chocolate. stir in Tahini and peanut butter and roast coconut. Pour chopped nuts onto greaseproof paper and pour your mixture over. Leave in freezer for 2 hrs and chop up. return to freezer.
Recently I’ve been stir in cream! Ganache


I never could get allulose so I have no idea what it is like…

Ew, nope. Well except animal sugar, that’s my number one sweetener now, usually cream.

I would rather go for xylitol if erythritol wouldn’t be an option, better for teeth (very important in my family) and tastier than normal sugar. And still less net carbs than sugar but I like to consume little enough sweetener that it doesn’t matter so much anyway. But it’s me, I came a looong way and I already used very little sweetener when I went keto (and had to half-live on sweets. dense, lovely, not super sweetened sweets).

But if sugar and cheesecake, I would use fruits… It makes it even pretty if the right one is used… (Still not necessarily sweet enough but it may help something.)

(Bob M) #5

Only problem for us is that xylitol is deadly for dogs, so we don’t keep it around.

I just think we get to the point where fake sugars cause issues for many of us, me included. But sugar does not. If you’re like me and can eat some sugared products and not end up a month later covered in candy wrappers, why go through the hassle of intestinal distress?

And I’m one of those people who don’t really like fruit. Sorry to all of you who do. Can I eat berries sometimes? Sure. Do I WANT to eat them? Not really.

I like Peter’s idea of making a mixture of chocolate (even cacao butter) with nuts, though I’d probably add some salt.


Yes, it’s not an option for everyone but it’s the case with all the sweeteners. I can’t handle the super sweet ones, for example.

Oh it’s great, easier for you. My garden started its strawberry season (not my fav. I prefer real berries like banana), soon others will follow and my default woe is carnivore-ish. Woe is me! :smiley: No, it’s fine. Liking vegetables was the problem… I am so thankful it’s over (except a tiny amount that is fine and not even needed).

I merely said some options. Each to their own. If one has problems with all, no sweet desserts. It could be worse.

I don’t like to put nuts into my chocolate normally but there is a recipe with ground walnuts and almonds (about as much as the chocolate) and rum, that’s nice, based on an old very beloved Hungarian chocolate bar. I mostly keep my Stroh80 for that thing (I make it for my SO, it’s fine but I don’t need or want it), it’s not like it’s drinkable (though I can make grog with it).

(Eve) #7

Hi @JDub, sorry to ask about what must be a very simple point, but l am not sure exactly you mean regarding the effect of allulose - why are you avoiding it now?


I’ve never baked with (only) Allulose, but for me at least, I see why all the alternatives are usually a mix of a handful of them. The one I’ve been on for a while is All Purpose in the Raw, for me, they found the magic blend, which I’m going to attempt to rip off so I can save some money. Not expensive, but for the amount you get…

(KM) #9

If I use sweetener, which is rare, wild honey. That’s the closest to an unprocessed sweetener I can think of. It is absolutely not keto, but when push comes to shove I think processing / human interference is more of a problem than carbohydrates.

(Central Florida Bob ) #10

I think you’re the first person I’ve come across that has had that reaction to allulose. I use it in ice cream because it gives a much better texture than erythritol. I discovered that by accident (ran out of the erythritol one day) and never went back.

It’s an awkward question, but are you sure it was the allulose and not something else?

(Jennifer M Worth) #11

100% sure
No other changes and since keto things have been perfect.