Nutritional Therapy, true or woo?

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< radiohat >Yeah, but there are good and bad ways to do that. < /radiohat >

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That is his audience though. I’ve read his books. They are not earth-shattering analyses. They are simple.

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Yeah, I do agree with that entirely. Breakfast FM radio in a 1970s AM radio style :slight_smile:

I think I’m just frustrated that so much of the keto podcast space gets sucked by people I can’t bring myself to listen to.


Being told to each a bunch of carbs is better?


I’d throw money on the table that 7/10 people you ask would have no clue what a Duodenum is.

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I would too, but radio/podcast hosts should be part of the 3/10.

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I was replying to the OP because she was interested in finding out about food intolerances. I would think a nutritionist or registered dietician might be better qualified than a nutritional therapist? They at least have college degrees and RDs have to do an internship. One can become a nutritional therapist in 10 months.