Nutritional Support

(Bacon for the Win) #1

this is what passes for nutrition in a hospital. It is a typical bag used for tube feeding. The other container does not have a list of ingredients. Only in a hospital can you get away with that.

I’d rather starve than put this crap in my body. Please grind bacon and eggs for me!

(Scott Shillady) #2

Give me warm bacon nectar and a straw :bacon::honey_pot:


:egg: :bacon:

Can I skip the grinding and just use a Ziploc?

(jketoscribe) #4

In some (not all) situations where tube feeding is required you can insist on a “blended diet” of real food instead of formulas with corn syrup and crap oils.

JJ Virgin talks about the fight she had with the hospital when her son suffered a traumatic brain injury and she wanted to give him MCT oils. She eventually prevailed and he made a good recovery.

(Connor L) #5

I wish I could ANTI-heart this. -_____- This makes me mad. (not at your post, but the message it contains)

(I like to post memes!) #6