Numbness in center of the back?


I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I don’t recall reading about it before?

Since switching over to a Keto WOE/WOL over 6 months ago, I’ve noticed a numbness along the spine in the center of my back on occasion. (Both sides of the spine) When I spoke with my wife and told her about it, she said she actually gets the same thing from time to time. … So was just wondering if this has something to do with the weight loss (i.e., reducing or the reduction of stress on the back) or simply something else? - I would think taking some of the load off this area would indeed cause some changes, but wasn’t sure if the numbness was something to be expected? … Not a big deal really, just thought to ask. :slight_smile:


Nope haven’t had that problem. Maybe it’s your bed, it could’ve gotten broken in by the heavier versions of you and now you’re lighter it’s not giving you the support it should. Other than that I got nothing. Hope you get it figured out


It happens when I do something that stresses that point in my back. In my case it’s a super tight muscle and pushing on it (with a tennis ball against the wall, or wadded up socks or something small and hard) can work out the kink. Stretching never fixes it for me. If you’re looking for more information search on trigger point therapy. I bought a book and this is what finally fixed it for me…

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Could be phrenic nerve pain/numbness originating from gallbladder?


Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Will be taking a look into those mentioned. @atomicspacebunny the Phrenic Nerve was one of my first thoughts too, but haven’t had time to sit down and research some more.

I think I also really need to pay attention to when it happens and try to recall everything I did up to that point for any clues? … It’s not constant by no means, nor does it hurt, it’s just every once in a while and usually (for me) just a few hours at times at most. More of a nuisance really, but thought it was odd, especially since my wife says she gets the same? (Said hers is more when she’s standing up for a while, like in the Kitchen, etc.)

Thanks again Folks. :slight_smile:

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I lost 100 lbs and became more active along the way 7 years ago. Not on keto. During that time my back became numb right along where my bra is. Just my skin. So I really can’t feel a sensation if i were to reach back and scratch my back. I assumed it was a pinched nerve somewhere due to my flat foot. My foot is fixed but the numbness is still there 7 years later.


Thanks, Michelle.

First, congrats on the weight loss! Also glad to hear your foot issue was taken care of. But sorry to hear of your issues with the numbness left behind though. I do know that pinched nerves can cause this, as well as other issues, such as pains, etc. Just strange how mine is not constant but comes and goes? Still could be nerve related, but plan to keep an eye out for it, and try to keep in mind what all I did prior to it happening. Doesn’t mean I’ll figure it out, but I will certainly try to. :slight_smile:


Ask your wife to pull her knife out.

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Numbness is often a sign of a pinched nerve. The mechanical realignment from losing weight might be causing or permitting your vertebrae to shift around. It might be worthwhile to consult a doctor on this. I don’t believe it’s a problem caused by your diet per se, but rather that the weight loss is revealing a problem that was already there.


Yeah, but then she would blame me for hers. :smile:

Very possible, Paul. Just find it strange it’s only periodical, and not constant? I just notice it from time to time, but will be mentioning it, if/when I do go back to the doctor’s. :slight_smile: (Yeah, I don’t go much at all)

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When I was dealing with sciatica from some lumbar vertebrae that had deteriorated and were slipping, the pain was intermittent. I could go days and be fine, and then it would be back in spades. Seriously, changes in the weather made a difference, I have no idea why. I eventually had to have the vertebrae fused, but that is not an operation I would recommend if it is at all possible to live with the pain. In my case, it wasn’t pain that was the problem—I could have lived with it—but signs of incipient paralysis, which would not have been fun if they hadn’t operated.

In any case, talk to your doctor and get a referral to a good orthopedist. Don’t see a neurosurgeon until you have to—there’s a joke about God getting uppity and thinking he’s a neurosurgeon. As far as I can tell, it’s an accurate stereotype.


Yes, sir. Well aware actually. … The wife had to have her C-5/C-6 fused some years ago in her neck, after an accident at work. She still has the Titanium Plate and 4 screws too. But I also believe dropping some weight has helped a bunch too. :slight_smile: … I’m going to start logging the info when I notice this numbness, but like I said it isn’t all the time, so I also need to be cognate of previous actions that might bring this on. … But yes, I do plan to say something to our doctor, just to mention it. (going over their house tomorrow for a get-together) But will also let her know I will start monitoring for when this happens. She might have some suggestions as well? :slight_smile:

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Dave you could try doing what this guy is doing in this video, that should free your back problems up real quick, if not, see a Chiropractor immediately. :rofl:


Yeah, well, I would only HOPE my back was numb if that was me! :dizzy_face: :smile: