NSV - Overeating is over!


(John Gicking) #1

I was just thinking about the holidays today. This is the first time I can remember where I did not overeat during the holidays. I was able to stop eating. Previously, I would devour plateful after plateful of food at holiday parties/buffets to the point of being physically uncomfortable. I would still want more! I have been keto since September, I am down 33lbs from my high in July. I stayed keto throughout the Holidays aside from allowing myself a treat Christmas Eve/Day and New Year’s Eve. Those treats were good but they were just food. They weren’t the item of desire or want that they formerly were.

I now have full control of my appetite and an ability to walk away from food. That alone is gold. Keto is a way of eating that is lifelong for me. I owe much of his to the support from the facebook group, the podcasts, and from here on out, these forums.

(Jacquelyn Graham) #2

Hear, hear. Right there with ya.

(Terri) #3

This is fantastic growth @jgicking! This has been an empowering part of my journey in this WoE. Glad to get to be with you in your journey!

(brian) #4

Until I read your post, I didn’t realize it was the same for me this year. First holidays in a long time where I wasn’t ever uncomfortably full after a dinner.