Not losing weight two months in



Hi, I have been doing Keto for 3 months now but strictly for 2 months now and have only lost 2 lb. I am 151lb, 40 years old, 5’ 6" and exercise 3-4 times a week. I eat 20g net carbs or less, 68g or more of protein, 85g fat, and 1118 calories. (This is from the Carb Manager app. that I use.) I have been doing intermittent fasting also. I was doing bulletproof coffee every morning because I heard it does not break your fast, but then recently read it does.??? Seems there is a lot of controversial information out there. lol. I used the keto sticks, but they often said I was not in ketosis when I was very careful and tracked exactly what I ate and knew there was no way I could not be in Ketosis unless 20 carbs a day was too much.

I have always had a hard time losing weight no matter how active I was and how well I ate. I started doing some research on leptin resistance and wondered if that might be why I have never been able to lose weight. I have never had a problem with being hungry all the time or overeating, but I do have a lot of the other symptoms though. I started to do the leptin resistance diet a week ago. I am confused on what to do as far as intermittent fasting though. I would hear some Dr.'s say to take a break from IF while on leptin resistance diet and others say IF is important.

I had lots of energy in the first month and felt great. The past few weeks I have been extremely tired to the point where I can hardly stay awake while driving. I just read a post about possibly needing minerals. I plan to start taking some electrolytes today to see if that helps.

Not sure if all this information was important but wanted to give as much info as possible and see if anyone has any advice on why I am not losing weight. Also, should I be doing intermittent fasting while on leptin resistance diet, and does bp coffee break your fast?

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Hello and welcome Tandra.

The fact that you have fatigue makes me believe that you are not eating enough. I understand wanting to satisfy a macro but if the macro doesn’t satisfy your hunger, then we have a problem. Your body just will not want to let go of fat if you constantly fail to satisfy it. It’s preferred response to patterns of hunger is to slow metabolism which translates to fatigue.

The macro is a good estimation of what you should be eating, but I highly recommend that you eat until you are satiated. Eventually, if you are continually eating to satiety and keeping carbs low, your body will be comfortable letting go of fat.

From what I understand, leptin resistance and insulin resistance tend to go hand in hand but eating ketogenically can lower both. Reducing chronic inflammation is a big part of both and lowering bad carbs and eating saturated fats can improve both of these. Stress can also play a part in leptin resistance so if you are not sleeping well, this could definitely be part of the problem.


Thank you! I feel like I do eat until I am satiated. The only time I am usually hungry is mid-morning close to the time I break my fasting. Do you think I should take a break from intermittent fasting and eat in the mornings?

Ahhh! I forget about stress. This for sure could be playing a roll in my leptin resistance. The past few years of my life have been very stressful. I usually handle it pretty well but the past 6 months have been difficult. I have started trying to get more sleep and working on handling the stress.


Bulletproof coffee WILL break a fast. Typically anything over 50 calories will have an insulinogenic response and therefore break the fast. Considering most people use Ghee, MCT oil and sometimes heavy whipping cream, you will undoubtedly go over the 50 cals.

Strange that you have only lost 2lbs. Seems to me that you should have at least lost 5+ lbs of water weight at least. I go through periods where I lost weight for a few weeks, then plateau for a few weeks. Then Bam! I wake up and lost 2 lbs. It’s weird.


I only used MCT and Ghee but good to know it does break the fast. But that could’t be the only reason why I am not loosing weight right? This is what lead me to look into leptin resistance thinking maybe that is the problem?

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Sounds like you are doing fine with timing your meals. If mid-morning is when you get hungry then eat then. Just don’t worry if you exceed your macros by a bit and try get good sleep. Bad sleeping patterns might be part of your fatigue problems.

I would focus on your anxiety and try to find something that takes your mind off of the stress. For me, a day out on the golf course or fishing on a lake is very peaceful.


Ok Thanks! That will be my goal for the week.

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At your stats, you don’t have a ton to lose (within “normal” BMI). You may be at your body’s “set point” whether you like it that way or not. I’m not saying keto won’t work but it just may take a while to convince your body it’s not at its ideal weight.

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I googled this diet and its low carb, limited calorie, whole foods 3 meals a day with no snacking. From what I read if you should eat 3 meals 600 calories max, you could eat more calories than what you are. maybe something wasnt quite keto on your previous keto diet and you are experiencing keto flu now. Also the site I saw referenced fruit so maybe you were super keto then and now falling out of it a little, causing tiredness. I dont think the keto strips are a useful tool. It could just be you need more sleep at night. sleep for weight loss is very important.

I have a hard time loosing weight too and its frustrating. try the fasting without the bullet proof coffee.

you could eat your 3 meals on the leptin diet in any time window. I think IF is important if you’re struggling.

the correct answer is whatever brings you results. keep trying to experiment! good luck!


Ok thanks.


Yea I wondered if I was just now going through keto flu since I did not experience it the first few weeks. But I lost the fist 2 lb in the first few weeks and that is when they keto strips were almost always positive. I had a lot to learn when I started as far as what I could eat, and was eating 30 carb a day vs 20 or less now. So not sure. I started taking electrolyte supplements a few days ago and my energy is getting better. Thanks for the advice.

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Coffee with a splash of HWC does not break your fast because it doesn’t have that much of a insulin effect. Again, this is from an insulin standpoint.

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