Not hungry ever?

(Luke) #1

I don’t really get hungry anymore on the keto woe. I would get kind of peckish sometimes but never bear hungry? It’s an odd feeling to eat something when you are not really fazed if you had it or not. It makes food very non exciting. Anyone else have this as well?


Some people have it, others not.
I have non-hungry days, it’s no problem as I usually still have a decent to too high appetite and anyway, I feel my body wants food, it’s just not hunger but weakness and loss of focus.
Other times I am quite hungry though it’s not my old high-carb hunger, that was horrible sometimes, good riddance! It’s soft but insisting.

It’s all normal. Main thing you eat properly, starvation is bad even if one never gets hungry (some people are like that, they just don’t feel hunger ever. odd. and probably it has nothing to do with their woe, it’s some personal issue. yes, ketoers often talk about less and sometimes absent hunger but normally people do get hungry sometimes).

(Pete A) #3

I’m mosty not hungry.


rare for me now to get hungry like in the old days, but I relish no hunger. I worked hard to have this change happen for me :slight_smile: I kinda did not find it odd, I found it most natural kinda. Very calming and comforting, like I hit a very a very natural, simple, easy way of existence for me day to day. I don’t ever want hunger again actually so I found a great spot for me at this stage of the game. Not being hungry actually ramped me into a more stable existence on this planet kinda. But I also don’t eat if I don’t feel like eating so when I do eat tho, I do want it. I don’t eat cause I feel like it ‘is time’ to eat something. I don’t know, I roll with it all in a great way.

(Chuck) #5

It is also true for me, I am more low carb than keto.

(Luke) #6

Thank you everyone. At least I know it’s the norm, I’m not getting sick or anything. Keto on. :+1:t2:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #7

Dr. Stephen Phinney, who got into nutrition research in order to prove Dr. Atkins wrong and ended up proving something completely different, says that one of the criticisms of a ketogenic diet he encounters is that people lose their appetite on keto. (It’s called the “anorexia of ketosis.”) His remark in one of his lectures was, “They tell us to eat less, and then criticise the diet that lets us do that without hunger?” :rofl:

(Bob M) #8

Paul, if you have time, STEM talk (podcast) interviews Jeff Volek, who has some good observations, like the keto/low carb diet is the most studied diet ever (over 2,000 trials, I think). Sadly, he’s no longer in CT.


I had the same thing happen, way after it was too late I learned my metabolism slowed down to near nothing. It’s fine to not always want to eat when you shouldn’t, but if you truly have near no hunger, pay attention to that.


@LPT As commonly defined I have not felt hunger since day 2 of my initiation fast into ketosis more than 6 years ago. I interpret this to mean that my metabolism transitions seamlessly between consumed fuel and stored fuel.

@lfod14 Since I feel neither hunger nor satiation I eat to macros and a ‘caloric window’ of about 2400-2700 overall calories per day defined by trial and error over the course of the better part of a year. If I eat to my macros within that ‘caloric window’ I remain fit, active, in good health and maintain the weight and body comp of my youth at age 18. I have not experienced any metabolic ‘slowdown’ since I began eating keto. In fact, my metabolism requires more fuel now in my mid-late 70s than during my 60s when I ate SAD and gained about 40 excess pounds around my midriff/waist.


If you’re watching your macros you have nothing to worry about, wish I was back then, I would have seen what was happening in progress.

(Luke) #12

Hi. I don’t watch or count anything , but do make sure I’m in ketosis a couple of times a week with a blood ketone meter and I’m always in.


That’s fine but doesn’t help with undereating or wrong macros. But if you have some idea what is proper food intake for you and stays there on almost all days, that should be fine.
I always tracked at least in the very beginning of a woe change as I truly had no idea how much I should eat (I always overeat if I am left to my own devices. okay, not in the beginning of carnivore…).

Not being hungry may be dangerous as some people undereat that for some reason (I always eat much, almost no matter what my hunger and appetite does so it’s very natural to me to eat when not hungry. but if one waits for hunger and it doesn’t come, that may be problematic).
And even if you can handle the energy deficit, you definitely need enough protein.

You didn’t wrote how and how much you eat so we don’t know if these are valid concerns for you… We have vastly different eating abilities in our non-hungry state, after all. I still immensely enjoy my food as long as my appetite (the desire, very different from hunger) is fine, even if I am satiated and not just not hungry…


The in/out of ketosis is less important than a potential metabolic slowdown. Especially given that the ketone levels don’t correlate with fat loss speed, which is why (most) pay attention to them. You may have a different reason.

Everybody’s different, but when people aren’t hungry it worries me thanks to what happened to me and many others that I’ve msgd with. That and the correlation with long term keto effect on Thyroid hormones which people have different theories on, some don’t think it matters at all. My metabolism was slowing for years, my Thyroid values getting worse during the same time (wasn’t paying attention) and since I was a moron, I didn’t put the pieces together. I realized I had no appetite for me, but at the time bought into the “my bodies just burning fat” crap. You’d think the scale not moving would have been a clue against that one, but as I said…moron! After I had my metabolism checked and realized it was WAY off than what I though, I started going through labs from the last couple years and saw it all plain as day.

Just keep at least a general eye on everything. Not worth pulling the crap I did to fix it all, took a long time and not fun.

(Chuck) #15

While I am never really hungry anymore, and the fact I have logged my food for over 12 years now I know that I am actually eating more now on low carb than I was on high carb because on high carb I was forcing myself not to eat that much, the old eat less move more. Now I eat to be satisfied not to be full or stuffed or starving. Actually by my guesstimates I am eating about 500 more calories per day than I was on a high carb diet. And I am losing fat and also a slight amount of weight.

(Luke) #16

Hi, yes that is scary about the metabolism thing. I think I’m going ok. I think my is switched on , I drop weight still. I’ve just reached goal weight so 76kg 5’9 I’m not sure what my body fat percentage is but it’s still higher than what I want it to be. But I want to build lean body mass now to stay the same weight but lose fat. I can feel my metabolism working when I go to sleep almost. It burns. Especially after gym. I’m still in ketosis. It’s ideal. I’ll will adjust my carbs to the top end of the scale if I drop another Kilo or 2. For anyone worried, I put enough food in , I’m just not always fanging to get it down , but I can put away a 300 gram steak with 3 eggs no , probs. I crave fat or oil and salt now. Not sugar.