Not feeling great

(Cindy) #1

I’ve been keto 14 weeks. My main goal is to heal my brain. I am 49 and have memory issues, difficulty learning new things and concentrating. Low libido. Low motivation. Going through this 8 years or so. I’ve been to all kinds of “ologists” and done lots of testing (MRI, blood, neuropsychiatric). I am hypothyroid and hormones are getting back in whack. I am post menopausal.

My doctor suggested a keto diet might get my brain powered back up. I don’t count macros but I test my blood and know I am in ketosis. At first I was measuring as high as 4 or 6 but now am in the .5-2 range. I have not at any point experienced the feelings of amazingness that are supposed to come with this WOE. My main goal is not weight loss but I am happy to report the loss of 20+ pounds (although most of that was early and doesn’t seem to be enough).

Any suggestions?

(it's official - I'm forked) #2

Me either. My only suggestion is to keep going and see what happens. These things take time. I’ve also just started on both ADHD and (new) antI-depressant meds.

Having said that, keto has helped. But it’s not a miracle cure for most.

(Vickie Lacoste) #3

Make sure your keeping adequate electrolytes otherwise you will definitely feel bad.

(Janelle) #4

Hey - at least you’ve got the weight loss - and I am doing it for weight loss. I’m at 11 weeks (and 11 pounds) and don’t see the purported benefits except more control of food cravings.

Like Juice says - give it some time? I hope it works for you.


Same here. Yesterday I made my first keto aid, electrolyte drink.
It really helped me feel better. It is magnesium citrate
( in the laxative section@ .99 cents ) and some potassium from “no salt” or “lite salt. “ I used “no salt .” Just stir in water. Apparently if you don’t get enough pink Himalayan salt, potassium & magnesium in every day, you’ll feel depleted.

If you google “recipe keto aid, “ there is a link back here to a simple recipe. It’s like Gatorade but not full of sugar. Seems many here on the forum swear by it & I liked it so much I made another batch. I felt better within 30 minutes. Hope that helps,

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Any kind of salt, really. I use the Himalayan on the table because I like it and it’s pretty, but any salt will do, it seems. No point spending up for this purpose.

(Janelle) #7

Cindy - do you have a Costco nearby? They have these pink salt grinders for around $4.

(Cindy) #8

I use PHS. I’ll try using more, but don’t think that’s my issue. Early on I was feeling yucky and added PHS and the tuckiness webt away. I wish I could retire my post. I don’t feel bad, or at least no worse than before I started Keto. My complaint is that I’m not feeling AMAZING.

(John) #9

Other than feeling overall better because I have lost some weight, I don’t feel all that different than before I started it.

(Cindy Ward) #10

I think that, sometimes, benefits are over-inflated. Whether it’s someone who just gets really excited about a new aspect of their life, or someone intentionally posting a “Look at me! I’ve lost gazillions of pounds or have amazing mental clarity!!” when it’s not really true, it can sometimes lead to unrealistic expectations. Not to say that keto isn’t amazing for some, but a forum is like FB…you tend to read/see the extremes, either those people doing super well with it or struggling. On a board like this (obviously all about keto ;)), you’re more likely to read an over abundance of positives.

Just to say…maybe AMAZING isn’t in the cards for you, but perhaps you can enjoy just GOOD? :smiley:


It takes a while for our bodies to detox and grow healthy after years of things being out of whack.

Make sure you are taking a good form of magnesium. I use magnesium bisglycinate, but citrate is good too. I use Cronometer for tracking my electrolytes from food and supplements so I don’t get too much or not enough. : ) Don’t forget about potassium. It’s very important. I constantly hear about salt, but honestly, most of us eat a lot of salt already. But we forget about potassium and magnesium.

I’ve read that Ketones test high when you are first starting out on this diet, but the body eventually gets more efficient at using them. Just keep your carbs low and you should be fine.

Best wishes for healing and health for you! Stick with this. I’m confident it will help, but it will take time.

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Not when following a keto diet, though, that’s the point. You don’t get as much as you used to, you get rid of it more quickly, (and the guidelines are too low anyway).


You may be right about the salt. : )

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Even a broken clock is right twice a day. (Assuming analog clock, all bets are off for digital clocks of any kind.)


(Carl Keller) #15

Do a little research on coconut oil and MCTs. I take a teaspoon every morning in my coffee and it’s not only good vs inflammation, it perks my mind up. It’s really not that expensive and easy to try.

Medical science has learned how to alter blood ketone levels by manipulating the diet. Ketogenic diets, which boost ketones to therapeutic levels, have been used successfully for decades in the treatment of neurological disorders such as epilepsy. More recently they are being used to treat Autism, as well as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Another way to elevate blood ketone levels is to consume MCTs. Composed predominately of MCTs, cold pressed coconut oil is the richest dietary source by far! Eating cold pressed coconut oil can raise blood ketones to levels that can have a pronounced effect on your brain. According to Dr. Fife, coconut oil isn’t just ketogenic; it provides many other benefits that protect the brain and stimulate brain cell growth.

(Regina) #16

I didn’t feel bad before keto so I have not experienced any “wow, I’ve never felt better in my life” feelings. I will mention, however, that the soundness of my sleep has greatly improved so I wake up refreshed and with lots of energy for the day. Prior to keto I snacked myself to sleep, then woke up at three in morning to raid the fridge. All that nighttime eating gave me some crazy nightmares as well. Thank you keto.


I have been watching Dr. Stephen Phinney. : )

Anyway, since my frightening experience early last month with really high, spiking bp and heart rate the cardiologist wanted me to keep sodium low. He is somewhat familiar with keto, but I think he has more to learn.

Anyway, I’ve increased my magnesium and potassium and have kept my sodium around 2000 mg daily, and this week have been raising it slowly. Today I had 2600 mg, or a bit more. I’m going to slowly increase it and see if anything feels bad again. But that’s me. I think it was low magnesium or a combination of low magnesium and potassium. I’m just afraid of repeating what happened previously, and so am very cautiously increasing salt.

I don’t feel dizzy, or light headed or any of the symptoms of not enough sodium. But from what Dr. Phinney says, I need more salt.

(it's official - I'm forked) #18

Yeah, a fair bit of interaction between potassium and sodium, IIRC.


Ketone numbers lowering is normal as your body becomes more efficient at creating and using them. Not everyone gets the “wow” feeling, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t helping. And some benefits take more time… 6 months to a year. If you’ve been feeling this way for 8 years, it just may take more time for the internal healing. And as others have stated, keto eating isn’t a miracle, but it is a powerful tool. I hope you don’t get too discouraged and I hope you feel better sooner than later.