Not as thirsty 4 months in



I’ve been through the keto-flu and what comes with it, the incessant thirst has been pretty much constant up to most recently where I’m not gagging for water anymore. Usually I’d get through 2 litres before the end of the day, is there a reason for this?

In addition, I’ve also noticed today that I’ve been really hungry which isn’t usual. Nothing has changed in the way I eat FYI.

Is this the in-between bit of changing over to fat-adaption?

(Raj Seth) #2

I thought you had been keto/low carb for 4yrs+. What has been your own past experience?


I am usually thirsty, and more so with keto, but lately not. For the life of me can’t remember whether it means I’m out of ketosis and going into fat-adaption. I also wonder whether my hormonal imbalances play a part.

Anyway, hopefully someone else can share some insights as I’m obviously not doing a good job of it (LOL).

(Full Metal Keto) #4

My thirst varies from day to day. But I was thirsty for 10 years on dialysis and became accustomed to it. We were strongly advised to keep water and liquid at 500ml per day! I started keto 9 months after a transplant and it’s been a battle to change ten years of thirst signal response. Sometimes my mouth gets really dry before I notice it. Yesterday I drank a lot of water because it was hot. It’s getting better but I still have bad days of inadequate hydration sometimes. But I do drink less generally than I did at the start. Usually a little more than 2 liters.

(Jane) #5

So were you low carb/keto for 4+ years, took a break and now 4 months back into keto? How long was your break from keto?

Trying to reconcile your two threads.

And your profile says keto 9 years… hmmmmm…


Ok, I begun the journey what was then called Atkins 9 years ago. Like most who’ve owed this way of eating there have been stops and starts.

I then began the keto journey in 2014, managed to stock with it for 3 years then age I guess slowed everything down and while I’ve been still observing it, though with the occasional slips I’ve been still on it more or less.

Apologies if confused some of you. Over the past 4 months I’ve been very strict keto around 10 g carbs a day. It’s not hard, however while I’ve been losing weight (albeit very slowly) I’ve just noticed a difference in my body fat composition, not feeling the energy as much, the surge of heat around my body, and of course what I’m addressing specifically in this post - the thirst. I don’t seem to require as much water.

I simply wanted to know if anyone else experienced it, and is there a biological reason behind this.

P.s. Yes I’ve had experience for years eating this way, but the body can still keep you guessing and many other factors (usually that comes with age) can change the outcome of ones weightleoss journey.

Kind regards