No sugar cravings!


Just want to celebrate that after two weeks on keto (or about 17 days), my sugar cravings are completely gone. Sugar-free syrups/sweeteners taste awful for me. The craving disappearance did not happen last time on keto. Very excited.

(Rebecca ) #2

Congratulations! Yes, it is a good feeling when those “beastly cravings” disappear!! Your body thanks you, Im sure!


Thank you! So excited! I also feel better and my GERD (nausea from certain foods) is gone. I may have been gluten sensitive, and now that I eat no gluten, I feel great. :grin:


Very happy for you! Only more great benefits will come your way as your body heals up and you become a new you on plan :slight_smile: :sunny:

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #5

Good for you! I’m glad you have experienced this excellent side effect of keto.