No ketons after 20hr of fasting after years of interm. fasting. Is it normal?


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I’m on a Keto diet and intermittent fasting for like 5 years. I started with moderate intetm.fasting of 14hr, and by the end of the fasting window I usually had around 1mmol/L of Ketones level. Few times I tried fasting to 19hr and I had ketones close to 2 and often greater.

I feel like the more I’m into it, the less ketosis state I can experience. Last year I increased my intermittent fasting to 20-21hr (only water and cup of a green tea for ~20hr).

I have not measured blood glucose and ketones for a long while, but just today when I finally decided to do, interestingly for me I’ve found I got only 0.1mmol/L, and 80 blood glucose. I even re-measured it (Keto Mojo with blood strips), - same results. I drunk a cup of coffee with 2.5oz of heavy weeping cream, and 30min later I made another measurement - same glucose level, 0.3 ketones level. Then I had a full Keto meal as always, with around 30-40gr of carbs, and 45 min later made another measurement: glucose level +9 to 89, ketones are the same 0.3.

Not sure if it helps to make any conclusions, but I feel no hunger after 20hr of fasting. My physical and mental states are normal, not agitated, not sleepy, just Ok, no known health issues, 45 years old.

Does it sound like a normal to you, or out of ordinary?

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You want to use up the ketones you make. Amy Burger has a nice blog about not chasing ketone numbers.

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I have never checked ketones. I just do everything that I can and it has worked well in every way. Others on here are very experienced and knowledgable in tracking, measuring, and charting, etc… They will chime in, I’m sure. But it sure sounds to me like you are right on target, although higher carb than most of us.

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I don’t think you have to worry. As long as you’ve been on a ketogenic diet, you are now very well adapted, so you aren’t going to see high ketone readings. You don’t really want high ketones in urine, anyway, because those are just being wasted, and even measuring blood ketones really only tells you the gap between production and consumption, it says nothing about the absolute level of either.

You don’t say how often you measure, but you should expect higher serum glucose and lower serum β-hydroxybutyrate in the morning, and most likely the reverse in the evening. This is quite normal.

As a wise forum member once posted, a remark which has become one of my favourites: You know you’re producing ketones when the following two statements apply:

  1. You are eating less than 20 g/day of carbohydrate, and
  2. You are still breathing in and out.

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Sounds normal to me.
You been doing this for 5 years, your body doesn’t waste ketones anymore, just makes what it needs.

My ketone are similar, always on the low side, but still there nontheless.

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The longer you’re keto. The more efficient your body gets at making only what you need to fuel your body so it’s not at all unusual to have very low blood readings. It’s just a sign that your body is making what it needs and not wasting them.


30-40g of of carbs isn’t a keto meal, that double the average carbs most people eat all day long when eating keto. I say that as somebody that does CKD/TKD so I eat way more carbs than most keto’rs, but in a very strategic way. If your eating 40g of carbs and only getting a glucose rise of +9 than you’re extremely glucose/insulin sensitive, so congrats on that but the real question is why is it you care about things that don’t matter at all like your ketone levels? You’re fasting for 20hrs, not feeling anything or getting hungry, you’re clearly in ketosis.

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I bought a Keto Mojo meter at about 8 months into my journey. Measured once. I haven’t measured again. What’s the point? Keto is doing great for my health. Whatever the number is, its not going to changed my new lifestyle.