No appetite on keto! Advice?!


I just started Keto 5 days ago. Here are my issues, please help if you can. 1. I’m not seeing any weight loss on the scale. 2. Having trouble eating enough fat without over eating protein. 3. Eating very few calories per day. Like only 600-900 calories per day because I just don’t seem to be hungry. This is very unlike me. Worried my body will start storing fat if my calorie intake stays so low. Please give me any advice u have!

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Keto is this easy (Keto for beloved noobs)

This is for Phase One - the starter phase. It’s still not complicated later, but this is the really easy to explain version which will help you no end.

  • Eat under 20g of carbs a day

  • Eat plenty of good food - fat and protein - while adhering to 20g/carbs/day. Don’t worry too much about macros and calories EXCEPT carbs. Keep them below 20g/day. (Prioritize the protein - always start with protein in every meal, but don’t panic about it.) Your job is to get fat-adapted, so give your body the fuel you want it to use. Also, your appetite will vary - it’ll disappear, then it’ll come roaring back. Happens to most people, don’t sweat it.


  • Buy the meat you can afford - don’t stress about grass-fed, organic (con), etc… The worst meat is better than the best bread.

  • This site has a search function (magnifying glass at the top of the page) and a newbies section - use them both, you’ll get a better variety of answers to your questions far more quickly that way. SERIOUSLY, THIS IS VERY USEFUL.[1]

That’s as difficult as it needs to be for a couple of months.

My good friend Terence (being friends with a Kiwi feels kinda dirty, but there you have it, keto makes for strange bedfellows) tells me this thing I have described above is called “dirty keto.” So yeah, do dirty keto, kids! :slight_smile:

Lots of Love, THE JUICE

Expanded version is HERE

[1]If you can’t find a useful answer after searching and reading for a while, we can help you a lot more if you tell us relevant data about yourself such as your reasons for doing keto, your weight/height/age/gender, a sample menu plan & any relevant health conditions.

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I’m going to presume that you’re a woman? Where are you in your cycle? That has a lot to do with what’s going on. Also, how much do you weigh, and how much are you hoping to lose? The stories of massive, rapid weight loss are about people who had massive amounts of weight to lose, and even they didn’t lose much in the first five days. The closer you are to your goal weight, the slower your weight loss will be, in any case.

How much protein are you eating? You should probably be eating more or less the same as you were before. You do, however, need to be eating under 20 g/day of carbohdrate and replacing the lost carb calories with calories from fat.

By the way, meat is not the same thing as protein. Steak contains about 25% protein by weight, so if you wanted to get 70 grams of protein, you would eat 280 grams/10 ounces of steak. One way to get more fat in your diet would be to eat rib-eye, which has a lot more fat than other cuts. You could pan-fry it in butter, tallow, lard, or bacon fat, which would increase your fat tally. You could put a fatty home-made blue cheese dressing on your salad, you could put whipping cream in your coffee, and so forth.

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what about your energy level?

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Good advice from @juice.

Too low caloric intake FOR SURE. Keto is not a starvation diet.

Fats… eat hard boiled eggs, avocados, a little cheese, salmon, bacon, try just taking a T of EVOO (not bad) fish oil supplements of high quality (triple strength) are just some non greasy good fats. Well bacon might be greasy but it’s damn good!:cowboy_hat_face::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon:

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Let’s use Occam’s Razor. If you’re not hungry, don’t eat. Or if you prefer, another way to describe it is to Fast until you’re hungry. Its way too early for you to be experiencing any metabolic slowdown due to caloric restriction. Enjoy it while it lasts, you’ll burn more body fat.


Energy level is pretty low. Went from a 10 minute mile to a 14 minute mile. I’m only 5ft tall so my calorie intake is only supposed to be around 1,100 - 1,200 calories a day anyway.

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Appetite changes. I think most of us went through phases where we were HUNGRY and couldn’t get enough to eat. And we also went through phases where we just weren’t hungry.

My suggestion is don’t get too excited about it. Eat keto, meaning keep the carbs very low, and eat protein and fat in a keto fashion. Exactly how much protein and fat I don’t think is huge at 5 or 6 days in. I tend to think in terms of whole foods being good. A nice fatty piece of chuck or salmon is good. Eggs are a nearly perfect little package of fat and protein.

Stick with it a while. If you’re not hungry, you don’t have to eat. If you’re hungry, eat. Just make it keto and try for nutrient dense, simple foods, close to the way mother nature presents them. You’ll be fine. Tweak as you go.

Just my thoughts. Good luck!

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It won’t. Your body stores fat when it’s geting more food than it can burn off. You eating 600-900 calories means this won’t happen. The bigger worry should be slowing your metabolism which can happen if you continuously undereat and your body doesn’t yet know how to use fat for fuel.

The low energy level is either from not eating enough or just a side effect of your body not yet becoming proficient in burning fat for fuel.

I wouldn’t worry about macros so much since macros are like stretch pants :one size does not fit all. Just let your hunger dictate when you have had enough to eat and don’t force yourself. Eat fatty cuts of meat, especially pork, to get your fat up and to keep protein moderate. Too often people fear protein because of keto literature but I believe you really have to stuff yourself for it to start doing you harm. At this point in time, I think it’s in your best interest to be good friends with protein and fat until your body becomes better at burning fat.