NMN And Erythritol

(KM) #1

So … apparently the FDA in its infinite wisdom has decided there might actually “be something” to the claims that NMN (a pre NAD+ substance that supposedly boosts NAD+ production and thereby mitochondrial health) supports longevity, so they’ve stopped sale of the product in the US. Of course. Just until they figure it out. Thanks so much, another useful protocol that, if it actually works, will require forced participation in the “big med / big pharma” hamster wheel.

Anyway, I picked up some sublingual tablets before the door slammed shut, but they’ve got erythritol and isomalt in them. SIGH. So, I guess, two questions:

How much of a big deal do you think the sugar / artificial sweetener are - would you take the supplement anyway? Ordinarily I’d say no, but as far as I know, I can’t get another source. It’s one pill about the size of a typical capsule per day, I don’t know how many grams of sugar that works out to.

If you have any experience with NMN, what’s your take on it? This is different from NR, which seems to have a lesser effect, and NAD+ itself, which can’t be utilized directly.

(Geoffrey) #2

I wish I knew what is was your talking about but I have no idea what your acronym‘s mean.

(KM) #3

Sorry. This article might be of some use.

NMN is a niacin-related chemical, nicotinamide mononucleotide, which is the precursor of NAD+.

NR, (nicotinamide riboside) is the precursor of NMN.

NAD+ is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a coenzyme present in all living cells, which we lose as we age.

I’m not ordinarily a supplement person but David Sinclair sucked me in and I decided to try NMN. Right around the time everyone else read his book and decided to try it too, alerting “our protectors” to the profit potential.

(Robin) #4

I’ve relaxed about sweeteners over the years.
I still like my coffee sweet. It’s my one and only sweet indulgence and I drink it thru out the day.
I have used all the artificial sweeteners since keto.
I landed on a stevia blend, but also have used erythritol, etc.

I finally decided that the rest of my diet is so clean, I am going to give myself this one exception. When I consider that the bulk of my food used to be absolute junk, I think I can live with my sweetener and still get all the benefits of keto.

As always, just my personal take.

(KM) #5

My frustration is that it’s supposed to be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It’s exponentially sweeter than anything else I eat, this is like starting the day with a small piece of candy. I feel like I’m starting off the day by potentially killing any early autophagy or ketosis, as well as priming myself for sweetness cravings. Guess there’s no way to find out but N=1!

(Robin) #6

Go for it.
I have never checked ketones since I know my carbs are well below 20. So far, so good. (3 years and 75 pounds later.)

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #7

I recently posted a video in which Robert Lustig talks about a number of metabolic issues, and he discusses artificial sweeteners and the damage they can cause.

My conclusion is that, first of all, while you are right to be concerned, the quantity in the pills is probably small enough not to cause too much trouble, if any at all. Second, I have no trust in longevity research. Lastly, I’d say that, while I personally wouldn’t bother, if you want to try this pill, go ahead.

Be sure to let us know the result in forty or fifty years, okay? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


NMN hasn’t gone anywhere. Just gotta know where to buy it. This nonsense with the FDA has been going on for years now. Same as when they started on NAC. These things never actually go away, makes zero difference what the FDA wants. If you want something, you can get it.

Small amounts of sugar make zero difference in anything, and there’s no (real) evidence that artificial sweeteners are bad for the majority, so wouldn’t even care about it.

I’ve used them all, many docs in the anti-aging space are arguing that NR is the way to go because of all the conversions. I used to get a huge energy rush from NAD+ (injectable), I’ve done NR IV’s which makes you feel like death, followed by feeling like Superman. Not very convinced the orals do much, your stomach destroys most of it before it can do anything.

(KM) #9

Thanks. I admit I’m a bit lazy, if I can’t get it from Amazon I’m not sure where to get it. The reason I went with the sublingual to begin with is thinking perhaps it would be better absorbed and not destroyed by digestion. I’ve only taken one, so not much of a report to file yet. :laughing:

(KM) #10

I’ll be sure to dig - er, Look you up!


Sublingual is definitely the best when you take injections out of the equation, then liposomal. Forget about Amazon for anything that even REMOTELY gets negative attention. Amazon has been politically pandering to the FDA for years, and it’s intentional. If the FDA publicly mentions that they MAY pull something, Amazon will pull it.

That said, there ya go

(KM) #12

Thank you again!


I take a few longevity supplements and NMN is one of them. I tried switching to NR when Amazon stopped selling the NMN I used to subscribe to, but I felt a little better energy on NMN so I switched back. Lately I’ve been buying it online from a company called Novos. Their NMN product is called Novos Boost.