Nina Teicholz - 'Vegetable Oils: The Unknown Story'


I just found my thoughts confirmed here where it is said: "avocado oil has a smoke point of around 500 degrees. You can use avocado oil for cooking, sauteing or deep frying– whereas an unrefined oil is best used for drizzling on top of already cooked foods due to it’s low smoking point (375 degrees)."

It is just a blog, but anyway. Expeller pressed,not cold pressed, is what is best for frying, from my understanding. Avocado oil is what has the highest smoking point and are therefor the best choice for frying.

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Here’s a related follow up on how vegetable oils may be the root cause of IR, or a co-root cause with high glycemic load processed carbs.

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That differs from what is said here:

I usually use animal fats (duck fat, butter, ghee, lard, tallow) for cooking, and other fats (olive, avocado) for things like mayo.

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Bacon fat makes amazing mayo.

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Watched that a couple of weeks ago, and it’s really intriguing. I took biochemistry in college, but that was 45 years ago, so I fully got about a third of it. The reverse electron transport argument was all new to me, but easy to see what he was saying about it.

I think it’s a good argument to minimize the use of seed oils.

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Hats off to Dr. Eades, that was brilliant, right in-line with my way of thinking!

I like only frying food in grass fed animal fats (tallow/suet), when possible, one of the subtle things I noticed immediately with these higher quality type of animal fats for cooking, compared to things fried in vegetable fats is how much more satiating it is to the taste buds, digestive enzymes in the saliva and olfactory nerves in the nose to the point where I do not feel hungry for a very very long time after I eat anything cooked in it, even to the point of nauseous if I even dare think about eating anymore of it including sugary things or carbs, that is what I want to happen and probably should be happening?

Commercial animal fats for cooking are usually partially hydrogenated which may not be too bad? (…not sure about that?)

Plant based oils are extremely beneficial in their fully intact extra virgin electron state with no missing electrons (that means processed in any way or extremely aged; racid/oxidized)! That’s why I do not cook things with plant based fats/oils because they will do the exact opposite!

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