New York to Track Residents’ Food Purchases and Place ‘Caps on Meat’ Served by Public Institutions

(Todd Allen) #1

This doesn’t sound good. I’m glad I don’t live in NYC, unfortunately Chicago often tries hard to be as crazy.

(Alec) #2

At least the article put forward an alternative point of view. How long has the mayor fella got in office?

(Luza Hazel) #3

Discipline is good. There’s plenty of people who fill up their freezer with meat and never eat it. Eventually it ends up in the trash because its freezer burnt.

This will push people towards purchasing from local farmers and a win for regenerative farming.

(Marion) #4

That is scary.

I can’t eat plants due to IBD and lectin sensitivity.
I am grateful not to live in NY, I would be in trouble.

And I never had to throw away any meat from my freezer… only vegetables, prior to keto and more recently carnivore. Since I adopted a carnivore diet earlier this year, I have thrown away zero food.

I used to be vegetarian before serious health issues forced me to change my diet, in my 70s.

That any public official should force people to eat in a way that suits them (the official that is) seems to be really overstepping the ideological bounds of what I would find acceptable. I would anticipate law suits.

(KM) #5

What I’m getting is tracking household food impact and possibly limiting institutional meat in some way. No one is telling any individual how much meat they can personally eat or buy.

Mindless meat is not a good thing for the planet. While I vehemently protest the idea of eliminating responsibly farmed animals and animal products, factory farming really has to change. The only alarming thing to me in this article is the idea that plant-based diet is simply going to be the only option governmentally supported.

(Karen) #6

Can’t imagine anything worse than the government dictating what you will be able to eat. Democracy or dictatorship!

(Bob M) #7

Yeah, the current NYC mayor is over the top with plant-based, anti-meat rhetoric. Increased number of days of Meatless eating in school.

(Chuck) #8

Definitely dictator

(Doug) #9

Over the years I’ve worked with a couple people like that.

(Central Florida Bob ) #10

There seems to be a lot of talk of getting everyone to eat bugs instead of meat. I’ll take factory farmed cattle over grasshoppers or crickets or whatever if it comes down to that.

(KM) #11

Lol! I’m sure the factory farmed crickets would be full of garbage too.

(Luza Hazel) #12

Not what. How much.

There’s plenty of people eating themselves to death. When do we draw the line on this mass food addiction problem?


I am open to crickets but I only could try it once and it was covered with flour. It wasn’t good.

I actually can’t imagine using such a thing for a big part of my diet… But I am really open to new things. And my body is resilient but not THAT resilient, I have watched too many alarming videos about plant-based diets. My hedonist brain may change my taste (not like I don’t find many plants super delicious) but I want to keep my health and satiation and peace is nice to have as well…

Fortunately I can’t imagine a strong vegan movement here in the near future. Yeah, there are some articles and items and whatnot but people keep eating lots of fatty meat all the time. So it seems vegans get their items and meat lovers get their meat.
But this article was scary. What goes on other parts of the world? And why? Even if we look at research and experiments, it doesn’t clearly say plants are superior as food so why to push that? And advice is bad enough but forcing things on people…? Nope. Just nope. I was upset enough about school lunches when they got reformed.


Hopefully his time as mayor is short. Thinking that politicians can change the weather is just pure nonsense. “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.” NB.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #15

If you are talking about carb addiction (which is very real), then the government should at the very least stop advocating a high-carb diet. But this will take both pressure at the top levels of government and grass roots indignation to rise up and shock the politicians. Neither alone will be sufficient, at least in the U.S.

(Bill) #16

Yet another “conspiracy theory” comes true…