New topics limit?

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #1

I know there is a limit on how many “likes” users can give within a certain timeframe. Is there a limit to how many brand new topics a user can create within a certain timeframe?

(Doug) #2

I don’t know, Becca. The forum does have Akismet operating - that ‘sees’ multiple posts containing the same link, for example, or brand-new members posting a link right away, and it will flag them and the user and notify moderators about it. It’s mainly anti-spam, though, and for a user making many different new topics without repetitive links once they’ve been a member for a while (and gone up a trust level or two) if there is a limit, I’d say it’s pretty high.

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #3

Thanks Doug :grin: