New to the Forum but Keto since 5/2016 - An Introduction

(Frederick Finch) #1

I just signed up for the forums but I have been doing this since the 1st week of May 2016.

My highest weight was 420 pounds. I had RNY surgery in 2004 and lost a significant amount of weight but gained back up to 372 pounds. I have struggled off and on with different diets and fasts but nothing really stuck. The whole concept of “eating normally” made no sense.

My cholesterol was elevated and the LDL and HDL numbers were pretty much opposite of what “normal” looked like. My BP 170/95 (stroke range) and I was easily winded doing menial tasks (stairs.)

I don’t want to take statins and I don’t want to go on BP medications. Having said that I set out on figuring out how to eat right. I did not understand the concept that my body was naturally chasing glucose with insulin and sabotaging my efforts. Trying to find balance seemed to be an impossibility.

Finally I was at my wits end and began to look at the nutritarian diet. Now if every other diet scheme looked bad this (by comparison) looked completely miserable. All veggies, no fat or meat and protein from nuts and as much green leafy substance you can handle.

It was horrible. One week into it I decided to do one more search for an alternative. The Ketogenic diet was touted to offer some seizure relief for sufferers of epilepsy and had the added benefit of weight loss. I had to dig deeper because The Google wasn’t immediately forthcoming with the details about how this worked.

Finally after getting all the details we cleared the carbs out of the cupboards and began to Keto on.

The first week of eating this way the excess water was dropping out of my system. It seemed that there a spigot that would not stop. However, once that passed and the “keto flu” subsided I started shedding pounds fairly quickly.

For the longest time I did not know my weight because we did not have a scale. Also, I did not really want to see what was happening on a scale.

This past week I stumbled onto the 2ketodudes podcast and then joined the FB group just in time for the announcement that this forum was starting.

I have lost 90 pounds since May.

(Matthew Standridge DDS FAGD) #2

Great job and congrats!

You’re riding a good shock to the system and losing weight rapidly, that’s awesome. Just a heads up, things might slow down or fully stall out eventually. Don’t let that deter you. Keep after it!

(Tom Seest) #3

Welcome to the dance…Enjoy the journey…

(Jacquie) #4

So glad you found us at the forum! You’re in the right place for fantastic support and knowledge. :slight_smile:

(eljay716) #5

That is fantastic!! Keto on!

(Cathy Schroder) #6

Amazing effort. You must be really proud!!

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #7

Fantastic! Your "The whole concept of “eating normally made no sense” is so relatable, thank you for sharing your story. I look forward to your progress posts :smile:


Truly inspirational! Many of us came to the Dark Side (keto :wink:) after trying a million other things first. The lack of suffering constant hunger is amazing for me.