New to the board

(Nicole) #1

Hi all,
I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Nicole, a 40 something year old SAHM, who cam to a ketogenic diet about a year and a half ago after discovering I was prediabetic, and failing miserably at moderation.

I actually gained weight into an overweight BMI while trying to just cut calories so I could lose a few to fix my BG. It didn’t work. My BG wasn’t budged. Keto seemed doable. I’d already given up gluten a few years back due to celiac disease so I knew I could drop a few more foods without a problem.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt on keto. My energy rose, I lost 30-40 lbs, and my cognitive clarity was disturbingly better. BG fell too.

Now? I am mostly keto but slip into LCHF sometimes. My BG is mostly good but I have dawn phenomenon so my morning BG is usually my highest of the day. That’s one thing keto has been unable to fix for me. :wink:

Anyways, this looks like a great group and I’m glad to be here. Thanks for having me. :slight_smile:

(Jake P) #2

Welcome, I’m pretty new here too. This is a great group of really good people.

(Nicole) #3

Thanks. :slight_smile: I’m lurking around - it looks like a helpful group with a lot of information. Looks good!

(Griffin Mekelburg) #4

Brand new here as well, creeping the site lol. Love the community idea, cannot wait to hear what others have been through and how this has helped them out! Im about a year in with many ups and downs, but my life has never been better! Think this site may become my second home lmao, welcome to the forums, see ya around!

(Beverly Turner) #5

Welcome ! I am Beverly. I am 41 and Celiac too and started Keto 7/16 and have never felt better. Keto has freed me from gluten free hell. I will start a thread soon to keep track of Keto and Celiac.

(Nicole) #6

I think being a celiac almost makes keto easier. We’ve given up foods before. :wink: