New To Keto - Just Received Doctor's Report

(Tom ) #1

Just back from the doctor. BP is great, weight down 4.2% and dropping. Twelve pounds total. M pants make me look like a Gangsta Rapper and the chronic GERD has all but vanished! As a control, I ate one portion of cheap ice-cream (Moose Tracks) and within an hour experienced a rebound effect of re-flux. I am off kidney killing proton blockers and anti-depressants.

Folks, I am convinced GMO sourced, glyphosphate laden HFCS is a killer. It’s sending Americans to an early grave with suffering clear up until they plant you. It ate a hole through my esophagus. Keto for life. At least until I can escape to Costa Rica. Even then we’ll see how it goes. I’ve go on various low-carb schematics over the years but I am on this one for life.


Awesome. Well done.