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My cholesterol levels go up and down a bit and when they’re on the high side my doctor tries to persuade me to take statins… which I politely refuse. And he, politely, doesn’t, pester me about it.
But the last time I saw him he was recommending I take 100mg of Ciprofibrate every day. He explained that this was a much better form of LdL control than statins but when I saw the list of possible side effects, I again declined.
But I was wondering, has anyone else had experience of this medication, or know anything else about it ?

(bulkbiker) #2

According to that it lowers triglycerides rather than LDL…
And some of the side effects look nasty.

Apart from “LDL bad” does he have any other reason why your levels need to be adjusted with drugs? Is he aware that it is calculated and not measured and the calc doesn’t work well for keto eaters?


What are your numbers looking like that he’s constantly trying to get you on something?


yea more info in that what are your numbers and ‘how horrible are ya’ per your Dr.? Chol. is a big what if and tons of crazy on it truly but statins and ‘other pills’ ain’t a fix if we go by diet and more and very very personal on you at this point. So where do you stand in numbers? Just more info would be fab here :slight_smile:

PS: sounds like you got a good Dr. in working with you ya know…he is trying a bit and adapting to you on a personal level so that is cool!


What is your triglyceride / HDL ratio?

Also Dave’s webisite is a good resource. Inpu your numbers into the report generator.

At least your dr. does not freak out about your WOE.

Good luck sorting it all out.

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No, he’s just old fashioned. I tell him what I’m eating and he’s slightly horrified. He does have the grace to say that it’s up to me but he’s obliged to give me what he considers his best advice. We won’t fall out over it but I won’t convert him…I don’t think.
And of course there’s a bit of a language barrier… actually, my French is crap !

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Total Cholesterol 3.40 g/l Last year was 2.85 g/l
HDL 0.65 g/l Last year was 0.67 g/l
LDL calculé 2.56 g/l Last year 2.06 g/l

To be honest, he’s only offering, not trying to force me into something.
Just got a warning about multiple replies, apologies !! I’ll pay more attention in future…

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If your numbers are as above I can’t really see what he is concerned about… if anything they look a bit low to me…

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Yes, like I told him, Mark, I’m really not that bothered about cholesterol.

We agree to differ…

Sorry, I’m editing this because I forgot to say that the reason I posted at all was to get more opinions on Ciprofibrate. I’d never heard of it and I’m a bit wary of checking this stuff out on the internet.
I’m not paranoid, just level 3 Skeptical.

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Ciprofibrate is a drug used to treat quite a few conditions. It is used as a cancer treatment and may also be itself a carcinogen, interestingly. Among the conditions it is used to treat are a blocked bile duct, various heart conditions and infections, and various lipid problems, among them hypercholesterolaemia and hypertriglyceridaemia. (Courtesy of PubChem)


If the calculator I used is correct than not only is everything in range but your total cholesterol is on the lower side. Your HDL is terrible though, get that up! No triglycerides?

For anybody else that wants an easy look

Total : 131
HDL: 25
LDL: 98