New how to: create tables

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Can we get a “how to” on table creation?
I think the bot did a tutorial on it at some point, but a handy reference would be nice.

I wish there was a less tedious way to put things in tables, but it makes it so much more readable for things

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Are you looking for tables as in a spreadsheet? For that there are plenty of free ones. If you are looking for charts cronometer has that feature and you can create custom bio markers and enter your own data. Recently this was enhanced to allow two streams of data on one chart too look for correlations. Mostly Crono is free but to save recipes or do the advanced charts you’ll need to pay the $35 annual subscription, which I gladly pay.
I made the chart below yesterday. The data comes from my Renpho smart scale. I can also create a chart using any of the nutrient values that crono creates from the food diary.

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I meant for when people post data in a thread, like the results of lab work.
It makes it much easier to read.

Rather than something like:
12 3 544
345 67 2

It would be:

12 3 544
346 67 2


As I recall, it uses the same markup language as Reddit:

There’s a tool that let’s you create the Reddit markup code:

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I know it can be done with the | (pipe)

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I have the free iPhone app, it saves recipes. The chart options are locked though other than calories and weight.

@OgreZed I read the reddit link and half understood it, I guess I will have to experiment with it. :cowboy_hat_face:

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But without the quotation marks. It’s called Markdown, and there is a tutorial at

Creating a Table in a post
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| this | is | first | row |
| this | is | second | row |

Am I doing something wrong?

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You need to have the header row and table setup row:

“| A | B | C |” <— row titles (don’t use the ")
“| — | — | — |” <— row setup (no " and 3 - )
“| 12 | 3 | 544 |” <— no "
“| 346 | 67 | 2 |” <— no "

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this is header row
this is first row
this is second row

Yess :smile: