New forum /discourse tips

(Kathy L) #1

I’m not sure I’m getting the hang of this forum/discourse… when I reply to someone, my reply ends up UNconnected to their comment, & is out there by itself… is there a trick? Do I need to start new topic on this question? ( here’s a new topic-but I asked this somewhere else, also -where I was having the problem…

(mwall) #2

It is set in line as a reply but ALSO attached to the individual post you’re replying to specifically. It is a new way requiring getting use to for me as well. The reply is ‘hidden’ with a drop down arrow in its proper place and then viewable in line within the thread post timing. :yellow_heart:

(G. Andrew Duthie) #3

Two tips. Make sure if you’re replying to a specific post, that you click the “reply” link for that post (it’ll be just above the horizontal line below the post). OR highlight a section of the text in the post you want to reply to, and click the Quote button that appears.

Either of those will ensure that the reply is marked as replying to the right person/post.

Hope that helps.

(Richard Morris) #4

I also like to select some text from the message I am replying to so there is context for my comments … and you can click on the quoted text and see that comment in it’s context in it’s full post.

Click on your quote in my comment and you should see it expand to show your full post with the bit I quoted now highlit.


Are you using a mobile device or desktop?

The mobile browser I’m using does not show indented replies, but should show the icon of the comment you replied to. This only works down to one level of replies.

Quoting text is the best way to keep context. If you forget to quote, you can edit it back in later.

(Kathy L) #6

I was using my phone, and selecting text was very difficult! - MUCH easier on my actual computer! Thanks for your help!!