New Carnivore having ketone struggles



I am aware. I wrote I could do 90% with meat (not for long but I couldn’t do 90% fat for long to begin with) and I can buy meat with up to basically 100% fat. Way more pleasant for me than drinking fat though I do love my cream :smiley: But it’s too sugary, I probably wouldn’t do it for 90% fat days. I rather would snack on butter, that has less sugar and protein. But I wouldn’t want that in bigger amounts, I use meat for that.

Normal keto says nothing about fat (but it obviously isn’t very little if it’s a sustainable diet. for a few days, it can be even zero). It can be 50% or less too (for sustainable keto), it can be 95%… It’s keto if the carb intake is low enough.


I can talk about one of my fav processed meat, pork jowl. You see, I dislike pure fat tissue, it may be a highly popular food item here, Mom ate it a lot (with bread, sure) but I do need my meat with the fat.
Pork jowl has meat but not overly much. 76% fat in weight, 98% in calories. I can eat a lot of it, it’s wonderful. Wouldn’t do it all the time as it’s processed meat (from a supermarket, at that) but it’s fatty enough for high fat percentages…
Dry sausage is barely above 80% and it’s not something I would eat galore anyway, too rich. But there are other options.
I have some nice meaty pork belly now (processed and cooked), it’s 81%. Very easy to eat galore, it has plenty of lovely fat for a cooked stuff for me. I can eat it all alone but I can do it with my pork jowl as well, it’s just a bit less pleasant in bigger amounts.
But I surely could get used to some fattier pork belly in need (if I could handle very high fat to begin with), fresh, well roasted (so the fat gets crunchy).
And there are super fatty items to bring up the percentage when I start to add the too low-fat eggs or whatever I like. I wouldn’t need MUCH unless I would find myself in need of 5000 kcal a day or something. But then? My small amount of eggs and leaner meats would have been easily overpowered by the big amount of very fatty food!

IDK why I need to talk about fatty meats when I do my best to eat as lean as semi-comfortably possible - and when it proved to be still too fatty, even after more than a decade of fat minimalization, I started to train myself to like lean meats. I only could do it with green ham (couldn’t even TRY with others) and I still prefer fattier cuts but I came a long way and it got pretty easy. So it’s odd to me to write about my desired level of fat when I try to forget about it and be content with pretty low-fat for me. BUT I guess it’s enjoying fat through talking about it, I have this with fruits too… Better than nothing.

There are VERY fatty cuts. Really. 90% is easy to get, I mean plan such a day with meat. Actually eating it may or may not be easy. I would gladly try but not until my fat minimalization bears fruit. Except carefully planned and realized fat fast days as they are very low-cal hence good for my various goals.

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Bear in mind that these ratios are calculated as ratios of calories. This makes things easier, since 1:1 by weight is a ratio of 69:31 (2.25:1) fat to protein in terms of calories, which makes reaching the correct ratio so much easier. (Remember that fats, on average, contain 9 cal/g, whereas proteins contain only 4.)

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Yep. I used to teach college- level nutrition. :wink:

I saw a really nicely done explanation the other day, but I closed my tabs and can’t seem to remember how I got there. If I find it again, I post it.


My main pork is 1:4 (in grams) except I tend to buy the fattier slabs, that’s still WAY more protein than fat but not to that extent. But nowadays I eat the lean parts too (instead of feeding them all to my SO) so I have like 1:3? I can’t possibly know.
My processed pork belly has a label, it may or may not be close to the reality but it sounds about right, it’s 2:1 so extremely fatty. But I easily could buy way fattier fresh pork belly, of course or some other fatty cut, I could even trim them and eat the fattier pieces… And I talked about my pork jowl, that’s almost pure fat tissue.

I aim to have significantly below 1:1, I can’t afford as much fat as protein in grams so the lean pork helps. Friday’s plan is nearly 4:1 as it’s a planned fat fast day with 90% fat.
About 1:1 is most natural to me (almost no matter my energy intake) so it was a big effort to learn to eat significantly less fat than protein on most days (while keeping protein around the possible minimum, that’s important too). But I need it to avoid overeating. Or fat fasts. I have no options in-between.

Fat:protein ratio is a very interesting topic :slight_smile: I am so thankful I don’t need to bother with therapeutic ratios, it’s tricky as it is.