Never mind

(Joey Greenfield) #1

:muscle:never mind, ppl wanna be rude so forget it.


It’s fine, it’s not the same as eating citrus, it’s in a lot of things, especially stomach related and has no macro values. Even if it did, you still wouldn’t really mess anything up, you’d absorb a completely ignorable amount of liver glycogen that you’d burn back off and never even know the difference, which is exactly what you’re doing with most of the 20g of carbs you eat daily.


Excellent taste buds.

(Allie) #4

I would be more concerned about you starving yourself and wrecking your metabolism.

(Megan) #5

Ditto what @Shortstuff said. 30g fat 60g protein and 20g carbs is only 590 calories. Are you sure that’s all you are eating?

(Joey Greenfield) #6

My doctor and nutritionist seem to think I’m fine. :wink:

(Joey Greenfield) #7

Thank you

(Megan) #8

I am very sorry if I sounded rude, I am just shocked at how little you seem to be eating and was checking if the amounts you gave are correct.

(Allie) #9

Then you need to find some that actually know what they’re doing because eating that much lower than your BMR is going to screw you up massively, possibly irreparably.

(Allie) #10

You didn’t sound rude, I think we just hit a nerve.

No way am I going to tell someone in that kind of self destruct that they’re doing OK because they’re not.

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Welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry you thought the replies were rude. We are a group with firm opinions, and sometimes we express ourselves more forcefully than people are used to.

I took a peek at the original version of your post, and you raised good questions. I sent you a private message about it, and you are welcome to carry on a conversation or not, as you prefer.