Need to gain weight

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I’ve written many times I need to gain weight, and I’d like to do it ketogenically. I have abdominal adhesions which make digestion difficult. I’m also pescatarian for that reason as well as others. Getting a lot of fat in is hard. There’s only so many avocados you can eat, and I don’t want to eat more than 1.5 - 2 oz nuts.
I always test high for ketones in my bloodwork, 150.00 4+
I’m not sure how bad this is. Since I’m underweight I think my body is eating myself. So I’m trying to figure out how I can get my body to stop eating itself (eat more food I know…sounds simple but it isn’t in my case)
I’m not crazy about eating oils but I think I may need them.I thought ketone rich foods would help matters (im dairy free so no cheese or butter). Would give my brain energy and calories so it’s not eating up the rest of my calories.

I tried coconut oil again. The jar we have is probably 5 years old however it is organic extra virgin by nutiva which they say lasts almost indefinitely. My mom did it with me and we were both getting a bit ill. I think I was getting used to it, but there was still something I didn’t like about it. If I took it at night I was fine, during the day I would not feel good. Is it possible it is rancid? Should I purchase a new jar and keep trying? Should I try coconut flakes even if they have sugar? I really prefer savory over sweet things. I’m pretty desperate. I’ve even been eating fish oil (moleculary distilled sockeye salmon liquid oil) to get calories. It says it is NSF certified. I just hope It is safe. I don’t really like the feeling of eating something that seems like medicine for food (it tastes a bit that way too with the tocopherols) I’ve requested analysis for it but still haven’t gotten it. It’s by Vital Choice which I think is a pretty trustworthy company. There’s so much talk about olive and avocado oils being fake that it’s scared me from eating them.


You seem obsessed with measurements and counting and analyzing everything. Maybe that is your actual obsession and the root of some of your issues?

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Nitric oxide reduces fibrin (the cause of the abdominal adhesions). Small amounts of L-Arginine powder goes a long way in increasing nitric oxide and eliminating the abdominal adhesions.

Are you sedentary? Standing all day or some kind of movement is required for hypertrophy.

Kalamata olive oil is never adulterated from my experience.

I wouldn’t touch coconut oil ever again because it’s too processed. Coconut milk I do consume because it makes my skin youthful like a Malaysian or Thai woman but not much at a time because of the sugars.

I don’t know where you’re located but the following are some of the fats I consume. I believe it’s important to have a variety of fats.

Premium Organic Coconut Milk, 6-count | Costco

Messini Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Metro

Edible nuts are ok to consume but need to be fresh and broken down with either a coffee grinder or pestle and mortar.

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Not really. Mentally my body just prefers natural food the way nature intended it. Unfortunately dealing with the adhesions though. I have to count protein and fats. My stomach and motility is so messed up from the adhesions I can’t rely on feelings to know when I’ve eaten the proper amount anymore.

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Thank you for your help. I am not sedentary. No matter how depressed or fatigued I feel I get up and exercise as much as possible. Why is organic olive oil less processed than organic coconut oil?

Also, what about coconut butter - would that be the same as the milk minus the water?

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My urine ketones is also very high even after around 9 months of keto, but I found that I could easily gain weight if I ate some more carbs than I ate usually. Last Saturday, I was 63.5 KG, and today morning I am 64.5 KG, I always weigh in the morning with same clothes. I gained the wight because I ate some food made of grains (flour or something), I think you could try to add some more carbs into your diet if you want to gain weight.

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I believe standing all day is more important than exercising or walking 10000 steps because it maintains what I call basal muscular hypertrophy.

It sounds like you have Active aura mechanics. Knowing your ‘Digestion’ from making a chart below can reveal a lot about whether your aura is designed to fast all day and then eat or whether your aura is designed to eat consecutively or only eat after the Sun has set. Birth time and birth place is very important because the type of digestion can sometimes change within 5 minutes.
Get Your Chart - My Human Design

Human Design - Self Mastery Movement: PHS Diet Digestion - YouTube

I don’t consume organic olive oil or other olive oils because they clog my pores on my arms and legs with black pores. I don’t know why. I only consume kalamata olive oil because it doesn’t cause me issues. Coconut oil causes digestive issues.

Too much problematic fiber in coconut butter however you’re free to try it. Artisana Coconut Butter is better tasting than Nutiva’s from my experience.

The majority of my fat calories come from fresh in shell hazelnuts at the moment because I live near a hazelnut farm. I have Italian genes and can tolerate the hazelnuts as long as I grind them down with the coffee grinder.


And who do you trust to determine your personal proper amount? We are not all the same. You are limiting yourself severely, and it may not at all be what you really need. I am very, very skeptical of the way you are handling this.


I see it extremely differently. There is a very, very problematic subset of the woe and health problems. There are just no options!!! If you can’t eat much of any fats for one reason or another, how do you avoid low-key starvation?
I am thinking and I come up empty, all my options are not options for poor @KetoPescatarian :frowning: I feel so, so, so very lucky even with my almost constant problem of overeating fat… My body is so very nourished and I don’t need to worry about zillion things as I eat a few very nutrition dense items in big amounts… Of course one is worrying and tracking and thinking when it’s about their health in a bad situation where just following something simple can’t happen!


Yes, I don’t know enough about the situation to make any recommendations. What I do know is that it looks impossible to gain weight on the described diet. Something has to give. I don’t know what that is.

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You can’t eat even lean meats from beef or chicken or pork? Eggs? Ham? Butter?

I know nothing about abdominal adhesions, but I would be hopeful meat would be okay.

I’ve actually eaten fewer coconut flakes lately, as they are stunningly high in calories (and I’m not a calorie believer – pretty much at all – but I figure dehydrated food probably isn’t great for my lowered mass diet). Where I am, I can find the sugar free variety all over, Trader Joe’s, my local grocery, etc.


Some superficial research into abdominal adhesions say nothing about diet being a factor, and there are no meds for it, only more surgery.

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I suppose this is a heretical question for this forum, but what is your reason for eating keto in the first place?

I personally believe there are some carbohydrate heavy foods that are healthy if you are not metabolically deranged, at least eaten cyclically. Non-processed starches like sweet potatoes or quinoa or wild rice. In other words shifting to a more paleo diet versus strictly ketogenic might not be a terrible thing for you. Just my two cents.


Yeah. Maybe it’s time to find the smallest “bad”? I consider low-key starvation and stressing about too few or no options one of the worst thing to do.
Of course we shouldn’t eat items we can’t handle and our principles are important too, some more than others… But we can’t be totally rigid and rejecting if we end up with too little food. Probably most of us can’t eat in our totally ideal desired way but hopefully most of us are quite pleased what I actually can eat. People with more health problems cutting into the options have it worse (especially if things don’t align well. it’s not that tragic to be allergic to many plants if one lives fine on animal stuff, for example but if one needs very low-carb but can’t handle meat and eggs, that’s tricky)… But we should find the best option even if there are no real good ones.

That’s possible too… I don’t believe carbs are good for every healthy one (due to my personal experiences) but we are different and even I would eat high-carb before undereating and seeing not enough keto options. But of course I would try low-carb first, a little extra may go a long way when one has so many restrictions.


The restrictions are very unclear. What are they? Where do they come from? I found nothing connecting adhesions and diet.

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I am looking for the “least bads” right now. I purchased a fresh coconut oil. I did not have nausea this time but got a very heavy feeling in my stomach 30 minutes later. Ive also purchased some high quality olive oil. I did have what seemed like a gall bladder attack after the coconut oil last night… this has never happened before. Im still going to try again. Hopefully it was a one time only thing.

velvet - ive just noticed when I eat seafood it moves through me better than chicken or beef. I think the magnesium and b12 and certain vitamins really help. Since the bowels are adhered, food can’t move through as it is supposed to.


I realize the issue with bowel movement. My husband had gone through this and needed several operations. The thing is, your observations are all anecdotal, things you connected by observing yourself. However, correlation does not equal causation - by a long shot. What bothers you today may well be perfectly fine tomorrow, because it was not the actual reason for your discomfort. Adding fat to a Keto diet will not make you gain weight. I don’t know how you arrived at all the measurements you impose on yourself. They don’t seem to make sense.
While I don’t think our docs know all, if I were you, I would be looking for other solutions. I hope you are ok with my being blunt and frank here - looks to me like you are slowly killing yourself with your self-imposed restrictions, and that is just not the solution.


Why wouldn’t it? You say that an underweight person becessarily stays underweight on keto? It’s a very bad diet then… Okay, there is protein too but we don’t know about it being a problem.
(Even not too thin people gain fat when eating too much fat on keto sometimes. It makes perfect sense… It doesn’t happen to everyone but storing precious energy is something the human body tends to do and it makes sense, it may be needed later. But that’s not the case when one needs gaining fat.)


Apparently he eats no fat now and wants to add a smallish amount.

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I was of the understanding calories are calories whether they are all fat or not and it’s just a matter of getting enough of them to gain weight.

I am trying to let go of some of the restrictions and I don’t deny I have some psychological fears of food that isn’t 100 percent natural or wild, as well as anything that seemed to have harmed my gut in the past while I was in the hospital.

For now just keeping on with the fresh coconut oil I guess. If there is no bad reaction, I will try to up it. I find Coconut oil and coconut in general a strange food… It’s not something I’d drizzle on a salad. It’s not something I’d dip my seafood in. While there is coconut crusted shrimp it doesn’t really appeal. It’s also not something I’d mop up with bread if I ate bread… or slather on potatoes if I ate them.

I bought some olive oil from Nina’s Oliver. When it comes I will try that and see how it does.