Need Food Suggestions


I have been keto mostly on, mostly lazy since 2017. I noticed that recently my fridge and cabinets are filled with mostly non meat items. I am wondering what my options are that I am not seeing. I do not have any goals other than to slowly lose weight and general health. I do not like meat all that much. Sure a grilled steak or hamburger made by someone else a couple time of week, wonderful, same with the perfect grilled chicken. When I make it no one (including me!) is all that excited! Even if I had my own cook, I could not eat meat every day. I do not care for pork or fish or most meat other than beef or chicken or sashimi.

When Keto worked best for me it was because I found regular food imitators (cinammon rolls, crack slaw hamburger, meatballs, cauliflower twice baked potatoes, fat head pizza, almond rolls and so on).I like eating sandwiches even if it is almond flour, keto crackers and so on. I do not think those foods are ideal

Not sure where to go with this. I really do not enjoy cooking (I can but not something I like doing) but I seem to be eating mostly cheese and eggs and some limited vegetables (I do not love vegetables or salads, mostly as a change of pace). Here is what is in my house right now

Frozen Riced Cauliflower
frozen roasted peppers and onions
frozen green beans
Brussel sprouts
Cream, sour cream
Eggs, eggs, more eggs!
Chicken sausages and beef salami
chicken cold cuts, sometimes roast beef cold cuts
Brazil nuts, pecans, walnuts, macadamia, and peanut butter
Some limited berries but thinking of giving it up
Plain yogurt, kefir
Cheese, more cheese (not a duplicate post I have so much cheese)
I generally only eat beef or chicken. I do not care for pork at all, I will eat limited amounts of tuna fish and sashimi but also do not really like fish. I will eat actual cooked meat every time I go to a restaurant (not too often anymore), and about once or twice a week when I make it.

As I mentioned, When so inclined I will make fat head pizza
Almond flour bread rolls but it seems like work looking for suggestions on what to eat, again pork and fish not really an option

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I guess the number one question is how many carbs you eat a day.


You seem to have quite a lot of options, I could live with that! :smiley:
Well I did vegetarian keto and adding any amount of tuna and other meat already seems generous even if I had 40g net carbs back then, I could do it way better now.

You already wrote pizza but that is actually often on my mind now (I like to make pizza, I just rarely eat it nowadays). Even if I am not in a meaty mood, a little tuna on it is fine (I eat tuna a few times a year, the same for all other seafood so I don’t get bored of it) but there are great vegetarian pizzas as well. It’s trickier for me as I like to keep them near carnivore and I lost interest in almost all vegs but I love my 3-4 cheese “pizza”.

Eggs are very, very versatile. And just a tiny meat stuff makes scrambled eggs more interesting. Maybe you are like my SO and needs vegetarian days, I usually am fine with a little processed meat even if I definitely don’t want proper meat at all. My egg/meat (actually, egg/anything else) ratio can be super high but it helps if it’s not eggs only all the time… Even I can’t live on eggs only, not even for a day.
But eggs and dairy gives so many possibilities already. I learned (crustless) quiche on this very forum a few years ago. I rarely do it but it’s nice here and there. I put vegs into it for my SO and bacon or sausage for me but it would be nice plain too. It’s cooking (well, baking) but super simple.
I like soups with poached eggs. Another dish I learned here was eggs in purgatory (works with leftover meat I find too lean, dry or just boring but we usually use eggs).
I know many egg dishes as I need my 6-8 eggs a day, I like meat but I have my limits and too much dairy isn’t my thing either except on rare days (it’s good I normally don’t use cheese as when I really don’t want much meat, I can just eat eggs and cheese, mostly and it’s awesome. cheese was boring when I had it every day - though using different kinds may help). And I need variety so I eat eggs in several different ways almost every day. Almost all are super simple.

With your ingredients there are so many pancake options… Mmmm… It’s harder on carnivore, I must say, at least with my tastes. I make thin, filled and rolled-up carni pancakes (at least the dough is carni, the fillings may be not). I always can eat pancakes (only very eggy ones but I do that) but maybe you are different. I doubt many people exist with my love towards pancakes (though it dimmed since I like meat more).

I stop saying options as I can only say what I find useful, I don’t know your tastes and circumstances good enough…


Thank you for the responses @Shinita and @robintemplin

I am not overly worried about my carb intake rather I am wondering if having a diet that is 70% eggs, cheese and various creams is the best option overall. What non meat or partially meat foods can I add to make my diet more interesting that do not require elaborate cooking rituals. BTW I absolutely love pancakes and have made Shinita’s crepes frequently over the last month but again that is eggs, almond flour and cream. I grew up loving pasta, rice, pizza, chicken schnitzel, pie and donuts. Obviously do not eat them anymore but if I was granted some magical wishes, the ability to eat carbs would be one of my top 5. Still sometimes eat low carb versions of these but they are a lot of trouble to make. Did have a steak for dinner and enjoyed it

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Make a cheese sauce from the cheese and cream and that will solve most of your vegetables. Because cheese sauce.