Need a former statin user


My mothers is on 10mg Rosuvastatin, has been for about 2 years, she’s ready to pull it for the second time now since she has all the sides of taking them. Did you guys just stop or ween down like an every other day type of thing for a while, she’s getting her NMR tomorrow and wants to pull it to follow up in a couple of months and see how stuff looks. Cleary like everything her Doc won’t be on board so like everything we do, gotta go rogue!

She’s also going back to Keto (thank crap).

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #2

I’ve never heard that one had to wean off of statins. Unless someone says differently, I think she can just stop. I’ve often found pharmacists to provide more helpful information than the prescribing physician was able to provide, about taking and stopping drugs.

(Robin) #3

I tried statins three times. Lasted 2 weeks. Stopped immediately. Never weaned, never asked. And also… never again.

(Marianne) #4

I get it. Pre-keto and when I was a junk food junkie, I was on a statin two separate times because my cholesterol was so high (and not in a good way). Both times I experienced severe side effects (joint pain), and went off cold turkey (maybe not the best thing), and never went back.

My GP and cardiologist want me to start taking one again because my cholesterol is high on the face of it, and I just keep putting them off. I have no intention of taking one again. Although my numbers appear high, my HDL is very good as is my ratio.