My wonderful keto weekend!


We went on a fun trip with some good friends of ours this weekend. We went snowshoeing, rented hotel rooms and then checked out some local breweries. This morning we went to a fab breakfast place before heading home.

I ate amazing food all weekend! I brought macadamias, cheese, salami, pepperoni, and Costco cheese crisps. I wanted to make sure I would have good snacks available. For dinner after snowshoeing, I had a nice chunk of salmon and a Caesar salad, hold the croutons please. At the breweries I tried a couple glasses of wine and kind of guessed what would be the driest. For breakfast this morning, the place had an option to create your own egg scramble. So I had 2 eggs, sausage, kale, cheddar and some salsa. Frickin awesome!

Basically I tried my best even though I wasn’t really able to track everything exactly. We just got home and I wanted to see how I fared by checking my ketone level.

Not too shabby!

In the past, I would have used this trip as an excuse to blow whatever diet I was attempting and binge the whole time on crappy food. This weekend was a great success! I had a fantastic time with my friends and loved the food. I wanted to share so folks planning a getaway know this is possible! :smile:

Here’s a view from our snowshoe trip. KCKO!

(Larry Lustig) #2

Rough life on keto, isn’t it?


I know, right? :grin:

(Terri) #4

Obviously following the Keto WOE had severely restricted your enjoyment of life–food, nature, friends, etc.

Happy you enjoyed it all and remained focused on your goals and health!

(Richard Morris) #5

beautiful mountain shot

(AnnaLeeThal) #6

Sounds like a dream weekend! Kudos for staying on plan and enjoying yourself.

(jani) #7

Great job! Proof you can have fun and not feel deprived.

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #8

Absolutely perfect. Bravo. Love the cat photo bomb too. What is his/her name?


He’s a sweet boy named Rumble! :smile_cat:


Magnificent! The snow, the sun, the clouds… just perfect.

(Tom Seest) #11

Not a shabby tabby either…