My wife jumped off the scale!

(Scott) #1

It was mothers day and my mother in law came to visit for the week and my daughter also came for the weekend and of all gifts she brought a bundt cake (Nothing Bundt Cakes). Lots of other carbs eaten as well. I was good and continued to eat keto but my wife did not fare so well. She asks me daily “what did you weigh?” I maintained. We have a logging scale and I asked her “what did you weigh?”. She replied “I don’t know, I saw where it was heading and I jumped before it could record it”. :grinning:

(Jody) #2

Deny, deny, deny :grinning:



(Jacqueline Porter) #4

Haha I can relate to this. I kept my old scales and the new ones log data on to my phone. I will only stand on the logging scale if I have lost weight as I only want a straight line down!:slight_smile: