My neighbor is trying to sabotage me but I'm aware of it

(Mani A) #2

She’s probably just trying to rekindle business. I wouldn’t take it personal in a negative way. Although if you bought thirty a day and looked like a beached whale she’d be fine with it…

(Mani A) #3

Tossing the egg rolls in the trash was a wise choice. It’s hard to resist the goodies but worth it for sure in the long run.

(Karla Sykes) #4

Yes you’re probably right LOL

(hottie turned hag) #5

Man those look great to me…I miss egg rolls…:neutral_face:

(Ken) #6

Hmmmm. Just what impact do you think eating three egg.rolls would have had on you within say, a week of eating keto? I’ll answer the question for you. Virtually nothing, as long as you didn’t follow them with an increased carb consumption pattern. (Please, no tales about addiction or Mental Illness that self perceived victims always look for an opportunity to relate, they’re small exceptions) As long their generosity doesn’t become frequent.

You could have enjoyed them and just been strict for a day or so.

(Karla Sykes) #7

Well that is your perspective and you’re welcome to have it. But again I live in the United States so I have freedom of choice to eat or not to eat. That’s just my opinion

(Troy) #8

Perform a Biology Class Lab experiment please
Grab your favorite scalpel
Do a careful incision - dissection
There may be a Cracker Jack keto ingredient surprise in there- MEAT
Then grab some tweezers
Salvage the meat ( if made with )

If not or made with Veges
Re wrap
Then Re-gift :rofl:

(Allie) #9

@240lbfatloss that response was harsh and insensitive. If @Karla_Sykes would have found eating these a trigger which, based on other posts she’s made I think is likely, then she was absolutely correct to throw them out.

(Bunny) #10

They look delicious, I would have ate them all…lol, that would not have hurt my keto diet in any way shape or form…just saying!

The more paranoid and obsessed people are about avoiding carbohydrates the less you will be capable of oxidizing them in the future and when you do eat them or decide to give up the diet, the weight gain comes back even worse than before…

(Ken) #11

It may have been perceived as harsh and insensitive, but it was the truth. Occasionally eating a few carbs helps with both metabolic performance and digestive flexibility. It’s Science, not Heresy. Those few carbs would have never have even made it out of the Digestive Tract, (Meaning they would have been burned by the body for energy) with little or no possibility of even storing a bit of muscular glycogen.

Don’t get me wrong, I was once fanatical as well. It just took time and countless n=1 experiences to understand how things work.

Perhaps the best option would have been to stick them in the back of the freezer and then eaten them as part of a planned Carb Event.

(less is more, more or less) #12

That gift of food is wonderfully sweet of your neighbor. Unlike some people, my body cannot tolerate carbs, so I stick to 20 total grams, regardless. Some people can cycle, people I envy, but I cannot.

Had a neighbor given me this remarkable offering of home-cooked egg rolls, I would have thanked him or her and, after departing, give it to the non-low-carbers in the family. My wife has successfully beaten the urge out of my reflex to yammer on about all things low-carb with the general public unless they ask.

I’ve long stopped thinking my friends who know I’m low-carb are trying to sabotage me. They don’t follow my diet closely and there is a ton of junk information out there. “You mean you don’t eat fruit? That’s crazy!” We hold our beliefs on diet as passionately as we do on faith and politics. There is a time and a place for everything.

However, if you ask me how I lost weight and increased my health, then the cannons rise and I have at it.

(Karla Sykes) #13

Well I definitely appreciate everybody feedback at the end of the day I still feel it was a little harsh but it’s my body and my decision to do what I want. And I’m going to follow that but thanks for your opinion

(Karla Sykes) #14

Honestly I didn’t really know why so many people cared if I ate my neighbors eggrolls or not. LOL. Interesting she came over to my house with another 10 eggrolls and a bottle of wine. Once again I decline​:rofl::crossed_fingers:t3::ok_hand::+1:t4::thinking:


ummm :thinking:- she knows that you’re changing the way you’re eating? This is just weird. I know that within families change can be threatening, but why would your neighbor be invested in you not changing?
In any case, good for you, Karla!

(Karla Sykes) #16

Well to be honest I used to be her number one client and buying her egg rolls. Plus she has commented that I have lost so much weight I’ve lost a total of weight it fluctuates between 53 and 57 lb. I constantly get compliments in my neighborhood about my weight loss

(Rebecca ) #17

It sounds like your neighbor is trying to get you back as their best customer again! I agree…you should have control over what you chose to eat or not eat.

(less is more, more or less) #18

Only speaking for myself, I did Dr. Atkin’s 15+ years ago. I started to match the success I had with Dr. Westman now. However, Atkin’s had his “maintenance” phase. It turned out that it was a slippery floor on a downward slope. Within months, little-by-little, my carb intake went back to SAD levels, and so did my weight.

I don’t say this as a judgment, but, rather, friendly advice that I’ve been there, and slipped. I would have loved a friendly shoulder tap that such things can happen. That isn’t to say you will backslide.

More power to you if you don’t!

(Ken) #19

Maintenance is where Atkins got it wrong. He assumed people would be able to maintain the discipline necessary to eat fairly low carb. He also never explained glycogen very well, so eventually carb creep occurred, glycogen refilled, and people gained weight back.

A more effective method, one I’ve used for nearly two decades, is what I call Carb Awareness, which is based on understanding glycogen.

If you eat a significant amount of carbs, you then eliminate them for twice the duration you ate them. If you eat them for say a day, you then restrict them for two days to allow glycogen level to drop so you’re secreting glucagon again. This not only prevents any possibility of lipogenesis, it also prevents any hormonal adaptations towards it as well as Carb Creep. It’s more of eating within a weekly rather than a daily concept. 100g or so carbs per day is usually fine for maintenance, you just eat the 700 or so grams once or twice a week rather than eating them daily. Always allowing glycogen levels to drop between Carb Events. This permits the occasional indulgence that allows metabolic health and digestive flexibility.


:grinning: Well done on changing your behaviour and sticking to what is good for you.
Often people sabotage what they are envious of or feel they are going to lose out from.
Often women compare themselves unafavourably I think and don’t want you to be/look “better” than you were where they were comfortable…particulary if you were heavier than her.

Stick with your own well being!

(hottie turned hag) #21

Hey @Karla_Sykes could you open em up and just eat the filling with a fork?

I mean when you get free ones, why not? That’s what I’d prob do, with some hot mustard and soy sauce :grin:

I dig Chinese food and miss it like crazy; haven’t had in 2.5 yr now. It was actually the last carb thing I had before starting keto (at a buffet).