My name is Wayne, I am New

(Jason Rodger) #21

Hey Wayne,

I am also new here, and its seems much newer than you in terms of following the method - I am in the middle of my forth week. I live in the UK, where many of the keto products discussed are simply not available, I am super jealous and rush to the nearest branch of wholefoods and clear them out whenever I get over to Cali.

The first three weeks were rough, but now I am beginning to see benefit; my athletic performance is coming back after a frighting dip that had me questioning the whole thing, hunger would now appear to be a thing of the past, so I must be becoming fat-adapted. My hair and nails are now growing a frightening rate, and possibly the most important thing; my energy levels have now become consistent - no more peaks and troughs during the day. Eventually I am going to play with the daily carb levels to see what I can tolerate and stay in ketosis, but for now its a strict 20g a day or under.

IF you are looking for some reading Steven Phinney’s work is worth looking at; he was recommended to me by a couple of the big guns on here, really good if you like to understand the science.

I hope you find what you are looking for from this.

Jason R


I guess it was a bad keto one but I just started to think about my reaction to a “normal”, very floury pancake. So I write about that.
I find it very important to make my own stuff (like chocolate and pancake) as I just can make the necessary changes as I go. I got more rules, my taste changed a bit but my sweetness perception changes a lot. Oh and I dislike flour taste and I would feel that in normal pancakes. I always was partial to eggy ones, even my Mom was but it got interesting as my carbs lowered. My SO calls my current, perfect pancakes scrambled eggs (they are not, they have a little sour cream in them! that’s important!). But even his chocolate changed a lot since he stopped eating added sugar (usually. he has his moments when we get interesting sweets gifts).
So we make our own things and get farther and farther from normal sweets. That’s good.

But if the keto pancake isn’t nice… Oh my good, I was there. They were edible but not the perfection I was dreaming about. I can stop eating almost anything but pancakes are vital. Maybe not anymore but they were in the first 10 years after going low-carb. I spent so much time and effort on them, insane time. And then I realized what I should do - but that gives me thin pancakes (I am a Hungarian so it’s just perfect) and I love super eggy things. My SO gets some flour in his ones, still pretty eggy. Water/milk isn’t used, that would just dilute the egginess and would call for more flour.

But I saw many recipes, maybe you can find something if it’s important for you.
If it’s not, don’t waste your time (unless you like experimenting), most carby things are impossible to imitate and the result will be disappointing. If you are like me. Some people have odd tastebuds and replace even uniquely flavorful things with very different things…

But I like when I find a “replacement” that isn’t a replacement at all, not even remotely similar BUT tasty on its own way. That’s nice. I don’t understand why I would need to eat the old things. I just need to eat very tasty things. (And sometimes nostalgy but I can handle it once in a blue moon, it’s really super rare.)
And keto has great food. And crappy too, it’s just a not too restrictive diet, after all, one can do it wrong, unhealthy or not tasty. But it’s pretty easy, maybe even easier to do it much better.

A very good dog you have :slight_smile: Well, dogs but Kia was a godsend. Once I donated to a place with dogs, they get trained to help people in various ways, it’s amazing what they can do. While being nice, fluffy companions, that’s actually an important part for shy disabled ones but great for everyone.
I have cats myself :slight_smile: I prefer cats but it doesn’t mean I don’t like dogs as well. Or spiders or bats or vultures. I love a huge range of animals. But it’s different with pet material where there is some kind of connection, of course.

Oh yes. It’s so, so sad sometimes. I had time and overdid kitchen experiments, spend SO MUCH time and effort on my new, low-carb dishes, especially baked goods… And now I usually try to do carnivore and almost all my old recipes are completely useless! I kept a few for odd days or at least for my high-carber SO but still. I could have done something better with that time in the past :frowning:
One day I plan to revisit my zillion old notes and salvage the absolute best ones. As I totally could make something great and just forgetting about it. I kept making some but not all. Of course my tastes might have changed… But probably not so much.
I made my own recipes even before so that’s not a change for me :slight_smile: I suspected what is okay and what not so I never made totally inedible things. Bad ones, sometimes… And I am prone to burn my cookies. Not like it’s a big loss, I can’t make good, crunchy keto cookies, I never was good at them on high-carb either (they end up being soft). And I like crunchy things. I have so, so few crunchy things on carnivore :frowning: Life is hard.
Good luck with your experiments :slight_smile: I like those but after some point they get tedious.