My name is Chris Howson and this is my keto preject

(Christopher John Howson) #1

Hello, I’m new here, (but not new to keto)

My name is Christopher John Howson.
I’m English but live in Sydney, Australia.
I started keto because I was training HARD and still putting on weight! I knew something was wrong! So I found out about low carb and subsequently then, keto.

I’ve been keto about 15months now, and never looked back! Had so many benefits other than weight loss.

I have monitored every health marker possible and there has been nothing to make me worry.

The power of keto is REAL!!

This was me, on the left - before I started keto.
This was me, 6 months later - on the top right. Bottom right is me now.

I’m now training for a triathlon as someone bet me I couldn’t do one while following a low carb protocol. Always up for a challenge.

Good luck with all your keto projects y’all!


So much this!