My keto struggles - introduction post


I am not sure what you have available but the different ones I have tried are just mix with water. With the gain of popularity of keto, there are a lot of varieties here along with meal replacement bars. I haven’t tried those because I just happen to enjoy the speed at which I can down a shake and get on with the things I need to do.


Read this and feel your struggle. I was wondering about two things… if you could eat anything what would you eat? And also what do they eat where you are commonly?

Do you have to be keto (very low carb) to get the effect you want from your diet?

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My favourite foods given the chance would be fajitas (just not the same enjoyment without the wraps); plain pasta; chocolate doughnuts; and cottage cheese and jam on toast.

They eat a lot of stewed lamb and pork here. Gyros are common for lunch. Fish is common too but I’m not keen on a lot of the local fish as its a bit bitter in my opinion. Sardines are good though but need a lot of preparation to gut and fillet.

Sadly I tried low carb and I wasn’t getting the benefit. I was still having bad migraines and was constantly lethargic beyond my normal fatigue.

I’m going to stick it out on keto push through, keep finding foods I do like and make sure I keep a note of them. It’ll be worth it

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I find a one egg omelet is a very good substitute for a tortilla or wrap and perfectly keto/carnivore friendly.

If you make your usual fajita mix and then roll it in a couple of one egg omelets, sprinkle cheese over and bake in an oven you have something slightly crispy in places just like a good fajita. If you want the lettuce and soured cream elements you can have those on the side (ie they don’t bake well).


I love this idea @Polly1 :heart: I will definitely have a go at this when my own meals become more ambitious.


What fish is it that you feel is bitter? A good way to cook a white fish would be baking it on top of some low carb veggies (like peppers, fennels, celery) adding olive oil and some acid like lemon. It is very quick and has nice fat if you use a good amount of oil. If you get tired of olive oil you can try infusion versions. Have you worked with ground lamb… You could make some kind of mousaka with that and some eggplant if you like that.

Oh what about nuts? Like any? Tried to make nut butter?

Yes keep working it! You got this

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I have no idea what fish it is, nothing comes labelled. It looks like a mackerel but has this grainy bitter taste to the flesh. As my Greek isn’t great its a case of point and nod at the fish you want.

Maybe some strong flavours with it will mask the taste. It’s almost like the whole fish has been contaminated with the liver/bile taste. I don’t think it is as I’m the one who is gutting it and I’m very careful.

I did make a cheese-less moussaka this summer with homegrown aubergine. Was rather nice, I should have another go.

I do like nut butter, it used to be what I ate at the end of the day when I was low on calories last time I did keto. Here I’d have to make it myself as I haven’t found any “just nuts and salt” nut butter here yet. Will have to get some sort of kitchen gadget to make it. Ooo if I have nut butter I can make the energy bars I made last year. They made a great breakfast with over 550 in one slice and very filling, I used to have to have half at a time. Full of seeds too. I should have written my recipes down from last year and then I would have them to fall on this time


Nutbutters are very easy to make. You need a foodprocessor or a very strong blender.

You can make eggwhite wraps using eggwhites… and ground nuts and a good non stick pan…Those are fun (check YouTube for how to do it)

Ground lamb also makes very good meatballs. You can add flavoring to it to get it towards someting you like

You can maybe google your fish and see what it is and think about how to prepare it. If it is a high fat fish it could be good to fry it… deep fry it?

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Boops boops hahaha what a great name

Doesn’t look like any of these. Perhaps a bream but not quite. I think it is a mackerel just maybe a bit stronger than what I’m used to because it’s from warmer waters perhaps?

I’m going to try it in my new air fryer gadget. Make the skin crispy any yummy


Yeah… that is a good idea!

If it is mackerel…you can make a really good tomato dish with it and olives and capers if you can get those and like those…

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Quite confusing if you don’t understand Greek and even if you do, don’t understand what Greek name corresponds to what particular species of fish. So you’re left with a process of trial and elimination of the ones you don’t like. However! There is such a thing as pescatarian keto. Google it.

Too bad your only dairy choices are goat/sheep. When I homesteaded in the Yukon I had dairy goats and the milk tasted exactly like cow milk. I was very surprised when I discovered that commercial goat dairy (milk and cheese) tastes like toe jam and smells worse. This comes about simply because the does are kept too close to the bucks. Buck goats do some sexual stuff with themselves that makes them stink terribly and the does seem to like it. Otherwise they wouldn’t do it, I suppose. If the bucks are not kept far away from does other than for breeding the milk gets contaminated with the buck stench. If you could find a local goat herder who understands this, you could get some really nice goat milk. But if not, well, you’ve got access to olives and olive oil and they go well enough with fish I suppose. Stay away from the carb stuff, though, as much as you can.


You can make a fajita with mozarella and chia seeds, or any seed. Mix in food processor and cook on parchment paper or silicone baking mat, or oiled plate in microwave, or oven, or pan. If you cook long, it’ll be hard as a cracker. If you cook just a bit and eat while it’s cold, it’ll be like a fajita. You have to roll it until it’s very thin, or just pat it thin with a spatula.

I remember eating well in Crete, but indeed, everything had to be cooked from fresh. I bought 85% lindt chocolate in Heraklion, but didn’t find it anywhere else in Crete. I liked the cheese, but you say you don’t like cheese.

You like pasta. Did you try making pasta from some veg? I’ve never made it, but I’ve seen people make pasta from some low carb veggies.

To change the flavor of your food, you could try adding more spices. I don’t remember what I could find in Crete, but I had four, or five. I think I remember even finding wild thyme while hiking and using it to make with fish. The bitter-ish fish: cook it in milk! You don’t have to drink the milk.

After you find a few recipes, you could prepare meals for several days in advance.

If you’d write a list of the ingredients you can find and afford, I’m sure many here could come up with recipe ideas.

There’s the ideal keto and then there’s the keto you can manage to get started, to get the hang of it, to get to a better psychological place, then move on to a better version of it. If recipes can easy your way at the beginning, then go for it. With time, you’ll find ways and your taste will change.

I’m sending you a big hug.