My hip replacement experience

(Randy) #1

In January 2019 I started having some right hip pain that grew much worse over the course of the week. My doctor (physicians assistant) thought it was likely bursitis, and I took some oral steroids and NSAID’s that helped a little, but not nearly enough. So we made an appt. with the MD of the practice for a cortisone injection. When he examined me, he said it wasn’t bursitis, and was likely arthritis. Follow up ex-rays gave a result of “moderate” osteoarthritis. The next step was to contact an orthopedic doctor.

The sad part is that a call in mid May gave me the earliest appointment of July 26th. Ouch. I continued to work through the pain, and was able to get a hip injection on July 31st. It worked great for about 6 weeks. Then it slowly wore off to the point where It was bad again by the time I could get another shot.

It was clear by then that it was time to schedule a hip replacement. And once again, the earliest appt. was over three months away. :frowning: So I had a second hip injection that didn’t help much because the deterioration was so much worse. I finally went on disability on Jan. 5th And had the surgery on Feb 10th.

Amazingly, I was in a car going home 48 hours after the beginning of my surgery. All indications are that it went very well. The hardest part now is the rehab. It’s a pretty violent thing to dislocate the old hip. And then muscles on the side have to be cut through and reattached. The muscles on the top of the thigh have to be tied in a tourniquet and pulled out of the way. It’s like the worst sprain you’ve ever had with every muscle at the same time. :open_mouth:

I am already able to walk with a walker using a normal gate, with only a minor limp. The new hip feels totally like a normal hip. I just have be relentless with the rehab.

None of this would have been possible without finding keto. I started on March, 14th 2017 at 440 lbs, and had severe metabolic syndrome. I weighed in before surgery at 275. So still a ways to go. But at 440 I would likely not have even been able to get the hip replacement.

So in the end, KCKO! :smile:

(Bob M) #2

Wow, 440 to 275? That’s unbelievable. You lost a whole person.

That’s great news about your hip replacement!

(Scott) #3

I have noticed this pattern in people that have been carrying extra weight for years, their joints start to wear out. You can see it often when they walk they look like they are in pain. Randy I am glad the replacement went well and you are pain free now. I also wonder if keto along with weight loss helps with recovery and inflammation. Keep up the good work!

(Jenny) #4

I have heard for every pound of weight lost 4 pounds of pressure are relieved off the knees.

(Natasha) #5

Wow! That’s extraordinary and super encouraging when it comes to the final 10lbs!

(Susan) #6

I am glad that you are doing so well post-op so far, Randy and you are really an amazing inspiration to the rest of us, losing 165 pounds on Keto.

I hope that the rest of your journey to feeling pain-free with the new hip and any more weight that you want to get rid of on Keto goes well. You are really an amazing Keto success story though. I am sure that your doctor is very impressed with your massive 165 pound loss as well.

(Randy) #7

Thanks for the kind words. I think a few of the nurses learned a few things. :smile:

One nurse said to another “I think he knows more about diabetes than we do.”

Unfortunately it’s likely true.

(Marianne) #8

Wow, what a great story! I am really happy that you are experiencing such great progress.

Hip replacements run in my family - mother had three; brother and sister had two each. Luckily, I think I take after my father in that respect, so hopefully that is not in my future. What I have seen with my family is that once you come through the recovery, you’re almost good as new. Fingers crossed for you.

(Randy) #9

Thank you. :heart: