My Doc Didn't Believe my Cholesterol so I Retested

(Tracy) #1

About six weeks ago while doing my yearly female appointment I had my lipid panel done and my cholesterol was over 300. My LDL was 212, triglycerides were 69, and VLDL was low too . I saw my PCM on Wednesday and he said he didn’t think that was possible so he had me retest. He called me today and said my LDL was 118. How could it have been that off 6 weeks ago?

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #2

What were the other recent numbers? I imagine that 6 weeks is plenty of time for any/all of the numbers to change.

(Jack Bennett) #3

LDL can bounce around quite a lot depending on what you’ve eaten. Check out Dave and Siobhan’s experiments at


Drinking coffee and thinking that’s a fasted blood test can do it.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #5

Also labs can be wrong. They can make process mistakes.

(Tracy) #6

I hadn’t planned on doing labs that morning. I had 2 cups of coffee with cream and didn’t think it would make a difference.


Ahhh… That’s probably it then.

(Joey) #8

Just to clarify… may we assume those 2 cups of morning coffee & cream produced the higher LDL figure, not the lower one? (Also curious: what’s your HDL within those same two tests?)

(Tracy) #9

I just got the results. The number on the left is December 2019 and the one on the right is this week:

December 2019 - Feb 2020:
Total Cholesterol: 304 - 213
Triglycerides: 69 - 62
HDL Ratio: 3.9 - 2.7
HDL: 78- 79
LDL: 212-122 (coffee did that??)
Non HDL: 226 - 134
VLDL: 14 - 12

I’m still learning about lipids. But from what I’ve read and from the advice I’ve gotten on the forum it looks like I’m in good shape. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and enjoy the benefits :slight_smile:

(Bunny) #10

That’s exactly what Ivor Cummins is always talking about; it is constantly changing?

When your getting a blood draw and on a ketogenic diet, your looking at dynamic numbers, not static numbers as you would see in someone on a SAD diet?

So it looks bad?

So what your really looking at is speed or duration of processes that are slow in a glucose only burner/metabolism?

In other words they (SAD/Ketogenic diet) are not comparable?