My blood sugars are still high despite of Keto

(Bacon enough and time) #21

I think there’s something going on. Have you spoken with your doctor?

The β-hydroxybutyrate produced in fat-burning mode is supposed to heal IBS, by tightening the juctions between cells. That should help the acute inflammation, and the lowered insulin should also help reduce systemic inflammation.

I can’t think of an explanation of the increased uric acid and lower B12 and iron, however. That sounds concerning, hence why I suggest speaking with the professionals. Perhaps your doctor and dietician will simply say to wait it out, but in your situation, I’d want to be hearing them say it, not just assume that things will work out.

In any case, the best of luck in getting everything sorted. Please keep us informed.

(Marion) #22

Thanks Paul.
I have a few very good keto informed professionals, a doctor and dietitian plus a few professors (who aren’t keto informed).
I think things are improving as I have less pain.
I will keep you updated if there is anything of interest…

(Venu) #23

Hi everyone,

All good. My recent A1C home test results came back as 6.1 (in which 50 days only Keto diet). I have stopped checking my blood glucose levels.

I started 2 meals diet a day. One at 11:30am and one at 6pm. I am having one coffee in between. I have not been feeling as hungry anymore, I have no more sugar cravings, my health is also much better now. My round face is now an oval:grinning:

(Ethan) #24

Great news. What times were you taking your blood sugar before? I suspect you were maybe only taking measurements in the morning, which will often by high. Also, I’m not a fan of the wheat grass

(Rossi Luo) #25

That’s true, such phenomenon is called dawn phenomenon, I am one with that condition too. :smile:

(B Creighton) #26

My first guess is that your insulin is low. Your T2 may have damaged your pancreas enough that it is having trouble producing insulin. So get that tested. Ideally, you want to test it after a 12 hour fast. Until your sugar drops down, you may want to stay on metformin like Paul suggested. You could try bringing down your BGL by using allulose sweetener and berberine every day. If your insulin is low, your pancreas may heal a little with time as long as you stay keto.