Most keto foods are available only in the US

(Sam Sardi) #1

It seems that most keto breads and wraps are in the US but not the UK. Even Aldi and Lidel in the US sell keto products, why not the UK ?

(Polly) #2

You don’t need to eat industrially processed fake foods to do keto successfully.

I am grateful that real food is easier to source here than in some places in the US and Canada. For example it is very hard to find double cream /HWC in Canada which has not been improved by the adding of unnecessary ingredients.

The replacement items for things people eat on the Standard American Diet are really just a marketing opportunity for those with a commercial interest.

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Oh, and welcome to the forum.

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #4

Breads and wraps are not keto unless they are made out of meat or cheese…:grinning:

(Bob M) #5

Coscto has egg wraps (like tortillas). Not sure exactly what is in them, as my wife used them all. I can’t find the package. She made low carb enchiladas with them, which were fantastic.

Maria Emmerich has advocated them, though, so they can’t be too bad. She also says they are good to replace the chicken deli meat in her protein lasagna:

Haven’t tried that yet.

Haven’t seen these egg wraps anywhere else.

As for breads, those can be sketchy.

On the other hand, the UK has a lot more high fat stuff, like double cream. The US has little of that, other than imported from the UK, such that it’s very expensive.

(Bob M) #6

This is the enchiladas recipe we used and substituted the egg wraps for the deli turkey:


Isn’t it easier that way? Buy meat and whatnot… It would have been nice not to bother with breads and cakes in my early low-carb days - though baking is somewhat of my hobby and I made zillion nice recipes (most of them I never use anymore) and a few of them are still used to make breakfast for my high-carber SO…

There are tons of food you can buy if you are fine with simple and easy cooking for yourself. Bread isn’t as vital as people seem to think. My total bread addicted SO simply cut gluten and never bought fancy special breads ever. As a high-carber, it was super easy for him but so many of us find good enough things for the role of bread.

I refuse to believe there is good keto bread anyway, I mean the kind that is even remotely similar to “normal” bread. I experimented a lot - not so much with bread as it was quite unnecessary to me, nice to have here and there but not so important - and bread must have starches to be bread-like. Somehow cakes are way easier to pull off, keto cakes are great and sweets are super easy on keto. I focused on those and especially my forever love, pancakes :smiley: People have different tastes so of course, go and make your own keto bread if you like, it’s not like it’s hard to mix things and bake them… But it’s not needed, probably.

(I am super lucky as I bake very normal bread each and every week… I love it. Baking, I mean, the bread is nice and brown but lack eggs. An eggless bread…? :smiley: Not my style. I am like this, I put eggs into everything.
I have my own low-carb bread, I just almost never use it. I prefer my carnivore “replacement”.)

I probably carried away, sorry. And I try to be understanding with newbies and anyway, people’s desires, I have my own weaknesses after many years on low-carb too… But so many of us easily got used to no bread. It was a simple decision for me, no problem at all, it’s way harder for some but after a while, it should be okay.
You can eat so many great things!

(I am a tad curious though, about the keto breads. Just like about vegan not-cheese. I am sure I wouldn’t like either but I am curious.)

Hey! I tell you that my sponge cake muffins I use in the role of bread (99-100% eggs, with some vinegar sometimes) are quite wonderful (for me. my SO dislikes them)!!! :rofl:

(Jane) #8

I don’t like the cardboard tasting keto bread, but the low carb wraps rock. I have no reaction to wheat and they provide variety in the form of enchiladas, a quick sammich or a low carb pizza crust. I don’t eat them all the time - just an occasional break from meat and veggies.

And without them I would be doing keto by myself instead of having the support of my husband. I’ve never been diabetic, take no meds at age 62 so for now I am enjoying them. I understand some people can’t and so they don’t.

(Robin) #9

Wow, I didn’t know that! I learn a lot of random facts on here from the folks who live in Canada or the UK. Or… is it still called UNITED Kingdom? For that matter, is the USA still united? Maybe countries need to study this forum and see how folks with a singular founding philosophy but wildly diverse ways of practicing it can still like each other.
Did I answer your question? Nope. Oops, sorry. But welcome!

(Polly) #10

I make egg wraps @ctviggen. The ones I make are essentially a one egg omelet and they work really well.

(Carnivore for the win) #11

Make chaffles if you want bread like foods. Eggs and cheese are available in every country

(Bob M) #12

I think the low carb wraps, even the ones with wheat, have a place. While I don’t eat the ones with wheat, my daughter is going to two schools. She starts at one school then transfers via bus to a second school. She eats a lot of times on the bus.

For her, low carb wraps made with wheat allow her to pick up something and eat it.

And we can use them for Quesadillas, which the kids will eat.

Can’t do that with the ones made from cheese (which Costco also has). Not sure about the egg versions.

@Polly1 That’s not a bad idea, but I have two kids in schools where one has dance classes M, Tu, We until 7 or 8:15 pm, doesn’t get home (after going to two schools) until 6pm (goes immediately to dance for the 7pm class), and a mother in radiation/chemotherapy treatment. I also have a home improvement list a mile long. And my job requires me to work as much as I can. I barely have enough time to make real food for the family and my mother (if she can eat) on the weekends, let alone do anything more. We make meals on the weekend that we can eat during the week, as we have no time during the week to do anything other than reheat. If I can buy them from Costco, I’m buying them.

As for chaffles, I still make them. They are OK. The problem with them is that it’s too time consuming to make two of them, though I usually eat two sandwiches. So, I have one chaffle sandwich and one bunless sandwich. And I don’t make them enough to get the technique down. The one I made yesterday, I burnt. If you make them more often, you’ll be better. They also make nice small pizzas, if you have the time.


Chaffles are nothing like bread to me but it seems many people enjoy them. I don’t like cheese in my food, with very few exceptions. But I like eggy things so I have my own version.

When I frequented other forums, I saw many people eating wraps. Low-carb or not, they are tiny, it’s possible for people to squeeze it into keto, wheat or not. Each to their own, I always say. My “kind of keto” (not really but for me it can be) bread has grains too as only that is vaguely bread-like. It’s good I don’t want bread-like things, it’s easier without them!

And I just remember, we have paleo stuff at least (I live in Hungary and paleo is a big thing here. keto isn’t). No idea how low-carb are those breads, I never could or wanted to afford them. But possibly some may be okay on keto.

(Bob M) #14

A few more comments, then I really have to get to work after being on my lunch.

While you could make your own egg wraps, for a recipe like enchiladas, you need 6 or 8 of them. My wife had made the filling (ground beef) over the weekend. So, it was a simple matter of just putting everything together last night, and making the simple sauce that goes on top. But if you have to make 8 wraps yourself, that’s a lot of work.

As for a lot of keto stuff, it’s pretty much junk. My wife picked up two “keto” bars at the store, probably for our kids to take in their lunches. Prominently displayed on the front were the words “healthy fats!” The first fat listed in the ingredients? Peanut oil. That is about as far from being “healthy” as I can think of. (My wife is not yet tuned into these nuances.)

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #15

Sadly, the majority of people, including most ‘healthcare’ professionals, think animal fats are unhealthy…

(UsedToBeT2D) #16

Consider it a blessing.

(Doug) #17

‘Nobody’ should be buying meat. :smile::smile:

(Robin) #18

I have to buy my meat. I don’t know any hunters. So I would have to resort to cannibalism. :wink:

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“Long pork”—yum! :man_dancing:

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Oh, Paul! I had to look that up! I like adding a new vocabulary word every day and finding ways to use it. This may get awkward.