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Why our government advisors are mistaken, perhaps

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Ugh…so much wrong. No time to respond, though.

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Never mind so much wrong, you haven’t had time to read or listen to this.

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@Polly - the guy in the video in your first post, Mike Yeadon - he may well have some good points, and it’s certainly interesting stuff.

This is the best I’ve ever read from the ‘Covid sceptic’ side of things. He essentially says that a good many more people have been exposed to the virus (than what is commonly believed), and that far less are susceptible to it.

The number who have yet to be infected is obviously a major deal. Yeadon says between 30% and 40% are susceptible, now. His chart has the U.K. government saying 93% are susceptible - I don’t know if that’s exactly true, but I can believe it. If we go with only ‘positive tests’ thus far, it’s less than 2% of the U.K. population, so we have a truly wide range with the above.

What I don’t see from Yeadon is intentional obfuscation and half-truths, and that’s refreshing. I think he may be a bit too quick in looking for things that appear to confirm his analysis - I listened to the video long enough to hear him say that the ‘second wave’ in Spain has peaked or is going back down, and there I’d say he’s wrong. It’s still October and at the least I think he’s being premature there. We will see and it’s not much of a fault on his part, in my opinion.

In hindsight, we may see that the U.K. gov’t was too restrictive here in late 2020, and if Yeadon is correct then it makes it very much more likely. I do think there is a meaningful choice to be made, weighing all the pros and cons. The median age for Covid-19 deaths in many countries is around 80, so how much should we restrict the younger population? At the same time, I note that there are ~3.4 million people in the U.K. who are 80 or more years old.


thanks, @Polly1, for the links. I’ve found this whole thing maddening but for me (personally) kind of fascinating. I’ve always tended to question mainstream stuff on health, which is why I’m on this forum! I’m used to being the outlier when it comes to questions of eating and chronic disease, but the COVID situation - and what I’ve put together with a lot of reading and just plain common sense - puts me completely out of sync with my usual political party in the US. It’s been frustrating but very eye-opening. It’s been hard for me to watch so many folks swallow their newsfeeds without giving it much extra thought.

I think as a society we’re taking our very natural fear of death and disease and letting it completely run the show.

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I’ve lost 2 in laws to covid. They were healthy and in their 40s. But that was early in the pandemic. My boss’s healthy 35 year old son woke up one morning gasping for breath and didn’t know where he was. He made it. Then again, an 80 year old neighbor survived it. I say we wear a mask, wash our hands, and social distance. The vaccine is coming soon. Just one person who is a 'long hauler" is one too many.