Money and KETO

(hottie turned hag) #21

Heckyeah he is swoony.

I’m very OK with monetization (NOT selling products; this bugs me) for reasons others cited above. That so much is available free means no one must pay to learn so the info isn’t only available to some elitist group.

I’m bugged by the KetoConnect duo because to me they vibe MTV reality show fake. Their bios -especially his- make them seem ill qualified for much of anything serious.

BUT, I cannot blame them for being clever enough to make money galore so easily. Can’t say I wouldn’t do the same if I had that sort of ability/personality to sell information.

(Jennifer) #22

This! Except that Thomas DeLauer kind of grosses me out. I hate seeing some dude shirtless just to be shirtless. I get it. He’s getting more views and all that. I just don’t have to like it. But I’m weird, and I’m okay with that.

(Allie) #23

It’s not just keto, it’s life. People want / need to earn money to survive and if they’re giving their time and knowledge, then why not?

(Diane) #24

Me too! Though maybe he also reminds me of cruel high school jocks. Or something.

(traci simpson) #25

If they start off as a money making venture then yes, cool, make as much as you can. But, to start off free and then once it’s all hyped up you start charging fees…!

(Allie) #26

Sorry but I don’t see the issue. Maybe they were in paid jobs at the start and quit them to focus on keto, they’d need to find a way of surviving and earning money.

Are you saying it would be wrong of someone who got into art as a hobby and found success with it to then start selling their creations? There’s really no difference.

(Sam) #27

I have never spent money on anything for keto other than food. Well, I did buy a Keto Instant Pot cookbook on my Kindle for 99 cents once. I tend to watch the videos and follow the people who mostly do it for free. And anything processed or packaged as a Keto product looks like bullshit to me. I will buy the Bzoodle cookbook eventually, cause I def wanna make those.

(Diane Dupree-Dempsey) #28

I just have to say I adore Megha and Matt at Keto Connect and I do not believe they are scammers in any way. Do they make their living off Keto? Sure, but have I ever paid them for anything beyond their cookbook? Nope and yet I have learned a ton of stuff from them while they entertained me. They share themselves very sincerely and they are just making their way in the world.

(Susan) #29

It is interesting, but I just got a phone call from Dr. Gundry’s phone reps. and I told the guy off, and told him that the product is horrid, grainy, chalky, impossible to use, even in the blender with almond milk and icecubes (like the lady on the phone had suggested to me when I was like this stuff is disgusting…). He was like sorry you aren’t happy with the product, have a nice night… grrrr.

(Diane Dupree-Dempsey) #30

That is content marketing - that is what runs the internet. Look at any subject on the Web, not just keto. People start websites, YouTube Channels, and podcasts in the hopes that some day they will be able to quit the day job and do this for a living. They can’t get anyone to pay for something they just started so they give away information or entertainment. Often they start their venture without any hope of making money, but as the popularity grows, they start to dream bigger. Once they have found their place, then of course they can monetize. But most of them still give away a huge amount of Info or Entertainment for free and most of them make paying an optional thing. This isn’t any different from someone like Andy Weir who wrote The Maritan he published that for free on his website, then published later to sell. Frankly I loved both the book and the movie - I don’t begrudge him his success, why would I begrudge someone who make their dreams come true with their blog or webcast?

(Chris Wolfgram) #31

All you need to pay for is your monthly Internet fees. Anything you need to know is at your fingertips, in this age of information :slightly_smiling_face:

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(Susan) #34

The main reason I told all of your lovely people about Dr.Gunthry’s products is so that none of you order them either, because I wish I had of known ahead and hadn’t been all Gung-Ho when I began Keto is all.


I don’t have a problem with it. If someone has expertise that I don’t and it’s worth the money to me, then I’m fine with paying it. If it’s not of value to me then I don’t. I get paid for my time and expertise, why shouldn’t anyone else?

I started scrapbooking at one point, started a blog, and got good enough that I wrote and published a book. Based on your post, I should have given classes for free and should have traveled all over the place to teach for free? I should have just shared everything I learned out of the goodness of my heart while spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars perfecting my techniques? I was a single mom (still am but my son is grown now). If I can find a side job that earns some extra cash, I’m all for it. Wasn’t always about making a profit either. Most of the time it was just about paying my power bill.

(Jeanne Wagner) #36

I feel exactly the same about Matt and Megha. They’re good people.

(Robert C) #37
  • Feed your family
  • Put gas in your car
  • Pay your mortgage or rent
  • Pay for health, car and homeowners/rental insurance
  • Make up for lost pay in the job you left or for reduced hours
  • Money to attend more conferences
  • Money for video production equipment
  • Money for the transition back to a regular job if new business fails
  • Recoup the money spent on training for the new role
  • … lots more

People like Thomas Delauer have a team and depend on advertising - all videos are free. But, you have to always try to figure out where the science is and where the Thrive Market or ButcherBox push begins (and sometimes the bending of details to lead you to the advertisers). He makes $13K per month plus (likely) a lot more from the advertising deals.

People like Dr. Ken Berry are no friend of big pharma or big food - little or no advertising so has to depend on the good will of people that find his information useful (or restrict some of it to get some people off of the fence and help him out). Lots can be gained from his free stuff - him and many others are in it to help others - but they still need to make a living.

(Katie) #38

LCHF information has been around since long before internet, No one needs to buy products, information, etc. now with internet, every medical study you want is free. IF and EF is free. No food to buy, no one you need to pay for to show you how.

I do not think it is necessarily a bad think to sell what if really free…but, the 100s of talking heads that have jumped on the band wagon care only about selling product. My rule of thumb…if they are selling something, click somewhere else,

(Chris Wolfgram) #39

Ha :grinning: lol Yea’, he is a good looking guy, with a fantastic body type. I’m so envious (why do so few people know the difference between envious and jellous ?)
I think my GF was pretty sprung on him for a while. Watched every one of his vids. That’s cool, whatever gets her going, I’m the one that benefits from it :wink: lol

(Katie) #40

So…for a while I have been watching Dr Berg. I usually just ignore the product offerings, etc. BUT…

I learned that this man has no educational background in medicine or physiology. None. He was a chiropractor… quit his profession to “sell” keto. Guess his YouTube business is going great.

I went to try to find some of the studies he mentions…couldn’t find any.

I now hold his opinion very suspect.

When they add money to the equation… the motivation tilts toward sell more. That means more content for you channel…regardless of how that content is derived.