Mobile App

(ianrobo) #1

Will there be a mobile app for the site ?

(G. Andrew Duthie) #2

Some potentially relevant discussion here:

(Tom Seest) #3

I’m using Discourse. Seems like a “hybrid” app, but still much better than using the web site on a mobile directly.


I just found and installed it on my iPhone. It looks very similar to the mobile web browser.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #5

I just pinned the mobile site on my OnePlus 3t (Android 6.x based) home screen. Opens as a chrome-less (no pun intended) window.

Definitely better than a lot of sites I’ve used on mobile. Will have to try it for a while and see how I like it.

(carl) #6

Most likely not. It works so well as a mobile web app

(ianrobo) #7

thanks all will try it tomorrow

(jketoscribe) #8

It does! I’m finding the mobile works better than the desktop and it’s easier to read the mobile with the black background then my cheap old desktop monitor.

(Sam Saffron) #9

Sam here from Discourse :slight_smile:

We have 2 official apps (one for iOS and one for Android) - both are now official and on the app stores:


The main advantages of using the apps are

  • push notifications (which honestly look a lot nicer than email alerts)
  • ability to track multiple discourse sites
  • centralized notification list
  • red badge on app icon in iOS (for unread)

Actual interaction with the actual site is via Safari or Chrome which is embedded.

Note, if anyone has Discourse questions feel free to ping me by typing in @sam :slight_smile:

(Tom Seest) #10

It’s a great hybrid App Sam. I’ve enjoyed using it so far on my IPhone 6S+. Much better than plain Safari, and I get my notifications on my Apple Watch too which is a bonus.

(carl) #11


(Richard Morris) #12

Sam is the Co-founder of the company that makes the infrastructure that the Ketogenic Forums are built on.

(ianrobo) #13

@sam just loaded it and looks great as I type this post on the phone all neat and tidy

(Richie Allen) #14

When I try to add in the Discourse app, I get an error stating that site can’t be found. What gives?

(Richie Allen) #15

Never mind. I neglected to add www. Before the URL. Duh…

(Doug Morris) #16

Thanks! I was making the same mistake wondering why I couldn’t get the app to work.