Misinformed Much?

(Mark) #1


I think the real scenario is that the celebrities fast for a week or more before big events. It’s just on the down low, so no one discusses it on TV.

(Guardian of the bacon) #3


(Georgia) #4

These little gems were voiced by Dr. Travis Stork (an ER physician): Your body is designed to burn carbs for energy and you need at least 100 g of carbs per day to not go into starvation mode or ketosis.

And the next story was about the Kardashian’s beauty secrets! Yeah, not really credible if you only spend about two minutes talking about Kate Middelton’s mother’s diet.

(Beth) #5

I’m in a private fb group that’s focused on exercise and occasionally diet/woe gets mentioned. Someone talked about being on a low carb diet and not feeling well, went to the doctor and the doctor told her she absolutely needs grains for her brain. OMG. So she started eating grains again and “feels much better”. I’m sure she wasn’t eating enough fat.

(jketoscribe) #6

Or she wasn’t keto-adapted yet. That’s when most people give up because nobody warns them about keto flu.