Mike's Excellent Exogenous Ketones Adventure 👀

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Just throwing this out for thought. As I noted above:

So what happens when I consume MCT oil? Well, the mid chain fatty acids of MCT oil go right to the liver bypassing other pre-processing required by longer fatty acids. In a ketogenic state, some of those medium chain fatty acids will get utilized for energy, but some will get converted to acetoacetate via ketogenesis. The resulting new acetoacetate will then get dumped into the blood stream where some of it will get utilized, some transformed into β-hydroxybutyrate and some self-destruct into acetone, which I then measure as BrAce.

Net: While Keto Cuts adds some relatively stable β-hydroxybutyrate, consuming MCT oil adds acetoacetate some of which breaks down quickly into acetone. Hence, the higher BrAce readings.

I had not noticed the effect of markedly increased BrAce prior to starting my tests with Keto Cuts. So maybe it’s not as dramatic otherwise. Or maybe the increased β-hydroxybutyrate plays a significant role. I’ll see what happens on Wednesday.

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Mon Aug 30 06:30

Observations: Mixed 8 grams into my morning keto coffee.

05:30 3.7ppm
06:00 3.4ppm
06:10 started drinking coffee - finished 06:40
06:30 3.6ppm
06:45 started eating coconut casein pudding - finished 07:10
07:00 3.5ppm
07:30 3.3ppm
08:00 3.0ppm